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Re: theos-talk Esoteric Organizations within Theosophical Movement

Nov 19, 2010 04:45 AM
by MKR

Thanks for your quick response and I am sure many readers here appreciate

We all would be looking forward to your publications in the works.

One of the issues that many of us are concerned is the high cost of the
print publications, making them out of reach of many ordinary theosophists
and others. A typical example is the recent publication of the HPB

As a theosophist recently commented in another forum, the analogy of what we
have seen in software, video and audio area. When they are expensive, in
spite of the attempts to prevent copying, geeks have found ways around them.

The motivation is driven simply by their inability to purchase them. People
may argue about whether it is right or not. But facts are facts.

Same is happening in book publishing area. Scanners are easily available and
expensive books have been scanned and are in circulation in cyberspace and
usually are under the radar.

So, personally I would like to see material available for download at a
price everyone could afford so that no one would take the time and trouble
to find a scanned copy.


On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 12:37 AM, <> wrote:

> My thanks to MKR for recalling to my memory the wonderful Theosophical
> History Conference in Sam Diego so many years ago!
> I did indeed give a paper on âThe Esoteric Within the Exoteric: Secret
> Societies within Theosophical Movementâ and gave the draft version of that
> paper (which was about 48 pages â not, of course, all delivered in my
> talk!) to some of the participants. The paper has never been completed,
> other work having taken over, and has therefore not been published. This
> may be fortunate, since over the years since the San Diego conference I
> have acquired vastly more material on secret societies within the
> Theosophical Movement (including a lot more original material on the
> Egyptian Rite, and on some little known or unknown groups).
> I have, however, recently completed a 13,200 word chapter on âModern
> Western Magic and Theosophyâ which I was invited to contribute to âThe
> Handbook of Modern Western Magicâ (edited by Dr Henrik Bogdan and Dr
> Neville Drury) to be published by Brill in Leiden in 2011. This contains
> some of the material from the original paper.
> My interest in researching Theosophical history remains â although I have
> little time to put my research into writing. I hope my next completed work
> will be âThe Origins of the Liberal Catholic Church: 1915-1920â which is
> almost complete in draft form at 150,000 words. Several American
> publishers have expressed interest, although they would require very
> substantial editing to reduce the size of the finished work.
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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