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Re: theos-talk Re: Wiki article on H P Blavatsky

Nov 11, 2010 09:00 PM
by MKR

It is nice to get a feedback. One of the unique features of Wiki is that it
is collaborative. Anyone can add and/or edit the material; and of course any
inaccurate statements will be questioned by others and many times gets

The important fact is that af last we have a Wiki about theosophical topics.
Let us all join in the effort and make it better everyday.


On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 10:46 PM, nigel_healy <>wrote:

> Hi MKR and all
> Having just read the wiki article on HPB, I have to disagree
> with you that it is "An excellent write up".
> I fear it will only lead to some erroneous ideas about HPB and
> is completely void of the true nature of HPB and her enormous
> task. All this talk of marriage, did she/didn't she have a child,
> was she a virgin, etc. etc., is nothing short of gossipy nonsense
> and irrelevant speculation. Meanwhile the article fully ignores
> the essence of HPB's life-work, as stated in The New York Daily
> Tribune on May 10 1891; "for nearly twenty years she had devoted
> herself to the dissemination of doctrines, the fundamental principles
> of which are of the loftiest ethical character". Altruism, compassion,
> the alleviation of suffering, aided and guided by a knowledge of
> the operations and purpose of the Cosmos, somehow I don't get any of
> this from this (to me) dreadful article.
> "Mediumship...based upon the belief known as Spiritualism.....field
> upon which Blavatsky based her career"!! Is it just me or is that not
> very misleading, if the rest of the picture isn't given to the
> newcomer to Theosophy.
> Root Races is a vast subject and one of the most easily misunderstood.
> Just throwing out a few lines and mentioning the Jews and the
> Tasmanians etc. is (to me again) very damaging and in no way assists
> the Theosophical Movement.
> Kind regards,
> Nigel Healy
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> <mkr777@...> wrote:
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> > Here is the link for the wiki article on HPB:
> >
> > <>
> >
> > An excellent write-up.
> >
> > MKR
> >
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