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Re: Wiki article on H P Blavatsky

Nov 11, 2010 08:46 PM
by nigel_healy

Hi MKR and all

Having just read the wiki article on HPB, I have to disagree 
with you that it is "An excellent write up".

I fear it will only lead to some erroneous ideas about HPB and 
is completely void of the true nature of HPB and her enormous 
task. All this talk of marriage, did she/didn't she have a child, 
was she a virgin, etc. etc., is nothing short of gossipy nonsense 
and irrelevant speculation. Meanwhile the article fully ignores 
the essence of HPB's life-work, as stated in The New York Daily 
Tribune on May 10 1891; "for nearly twenty years she had devoted 
herself to the dissemination of doctrines, the fundamental principles
of which are of the loftiest ethical character". Altruism, compassion,
the alleviation of suffering, aided and guided by a knowledge of 
the operations and purpose of the Cosmos, somehow I don't get any of 
this from this (to me) dreadful article.

"Mediumship...based upon the belief known as Spiritualism.....field 
upon which Blavatsky based her career"!! Is it just me or is that not 
very misleading, if the rest of the picture isn't given to the 
newcomer to Theosophy.

Root Races is a vast subject and one of the most easily misunderstood.
Just throwing out a few lines and mentioning the Jews and the 
Tasmanians etc. is (to me again) very damaging and in no way assists 
the Theosophical Movement.

Kind regards,
Nigel Healy

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> An excellent write-up.
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