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Taboodhism - new developements

Oct 24, 2010 06:43 PM
by Martin

(check my disclaimer on!)

The above is what can happen when people abuse their creative  possibilities and 
start dragging on in their sexual fantasies...  especially when they block 
others who really are creative but laughed  off as being mentally disturbed ...
I am a volunteer in a mental institution, not only because I am mentally  
disturbed but specifically because I forsee what is to happen to  millions of 
This process of beasty behaviour, I cannot call it animal, at the most  animal 
like, is the opposite of our likeness in His image. You may  understand 
therefore this planet is besides being Hell, also an Asylum  for the crazy ones.
I mean, who would have her/himself getting enslaved for life working for  thugs, 
who would have her/himself fighting wars for bloodsuckers and  who would get 
her/himself turning into a bad paper bag (!) without the  spine of being an 
original contributor in the field of  science/religion/philosophy? Got it? 
Science-thugs,  Religion-bloodsuckers and Philosophy-paper bags...
I have made a little movie already on humanity which is below this Dutch Santa 
Claus song...
...and when we are at it, I have filmed chapter 2 of my "Once upon a  time...", 
and again my camera broke...this really is a troubled world...
Finally a tip for people who cannot pay for their food anymore, get  yourself a 
(used) diaper and steal your food, since people are so easily  scared, they 
would never come near you...
Good there is still hope for humanity... however I am doubting the Gods, so 
above so below? Hahahaha
Link to the article
Link to my discussion plus video's


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