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The 5th Dimension

Oct 24, 2010 06:42 PM
by Martin

The Fifth Dimension

Without the experience of the 4th dimension, it is deadly to enter the 5th.
The 4th dimension is about the understanding and empathy of the worlds  
suffering. Only when the ego is crucified (submitted), one should  continue to 
the 5th dimension and become free from this shadowworld.
Earth reads Heart in another spell-ing and only when the Heart is understood one 
can continue its eternal journey...
Check out my movie when you go for "Djin" instead of "Din" (Din is serving the 
whole, Djin is serving the ego).

The Nutcrackersuite speaks for itself, hahahaha
In the beginning of the movie you see Chi-Va ( moving "kundalini"  energy) 
transform into Odin (!) the wanderer and then into the Buddha  with the moving 
wheel of Shivastika on His Thymusgland, representing the  active 
Compassion...moving clockwise into the future... 

no link, you know where to find developements on this and other topics...


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