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Dali Lama, aka heart of the dragon,

Oct 21, 2010 01:00 PM

For many years every time I saw his pic the man just made me angry and he really creeped me out; he had, imo, horrible vibes; on such matters I always follow my gut, hard not to when it's an automatic response, like eating something disgusting/rotten.

A few days ago I read that link wherein Radha was talking about the Dali Lama and I must say or would like to say in these last few months, maybe since his operation, his vibes have and are improving greatly.

In fact, I no longer feel creeped out when I see his pic, in fact, just the opposite and I think/feel he may, actually or in reality, be in a position to be able to do or accomplish great things for compassion and the peace of mankind.

He is wise, there's never been any doubt about that a/b wisdom isn't always the only consideration.


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