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The great work,

Oct 13, 2010 11:25 AM

I dunno what all the chat is about a/b I think it's important to have differences, each serves its own purposes.  

Further, truth is that (in my mind) any spiritual/religious/so on system of today has, certainly, one very ardant task at hand to accomplish, and that's the scientific advancement mankind has been delaying a/o failing to actualize for these past few thousand years.  

Failing that mankind will not understand time-space nor therefore will he advance his applied sciences that can/will enable him to further progress as to his apt, abilities a/o crafts.  Additionally, lacking such advancement and understanding mankind will remain ignorant of an important aspect of his own being/life, evolution and progress, basically an entire layer and a voluntary bodily function that seemingly he doesn't want to know about because it is too thorough a/o will change him a/o expand his understanding for the better - huh?!

So, however the work gets done as long as it does, it doesn't really matter to me.  I just want to know, in my heart, that at some point what's been written and was once known/exampled will be understood and accepted in/by the flesh.  Understood via first hand experience and actual and physical example; that this time around it won't get grandized, compartmentalized nor stamped out/buried/misinterpreted a/b remain as a viable and scientific understanding man knows and posseses about himself and the world because it is his inherent and natural right.

As a side note, I had a look at Duane's website, I like it just fine -I think that a person with personal knowledge or first hand experience probably wouldn't have a problem with the effort; why sh/would they?    

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