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What the Brazilians are saying!!!

Oct 13, 2010 05:17 AM
by Duane Carpenter

Great insights John

You need to send your letter to National and all the Lodges. They might learn 

It is not about watering down the esoteric teachings, it is about creating an 
entry levelÂof teachings that allow those who have an interest to enter into the 
unknown and hidden spiritual dimensions commensurable to where they are on the 
Spiritual Path.. When these entry level students have more experience they will 
demand more advanced studies. 

I personally known many people who started with psychic phenomenon and ESP and 
now 40 years later are deep HPB students of her work.
ÂThis was in many respects exactly how HPB started her work in the beginning and 
quickly graduated to the more advanced work after being in contact with the 
Masters and traveling to esoteric lands to study with those who know. 

If you care about service and people you contact them where they are at.

Many theosophist and Lodges are in a crises because they takes this arrogant 
attitude that only this or that should be taught and they are the exclusive 
custodians of the truth.

ÂIf the classics such as the Secret Doctrine are available in an organization it 
may take time but students will find their way to these teachings when they are 
ready. The demand and need for spiritual growth by people will far outstrip our 
prejudices about what is bad theosophy and good theosophy.

Even if AABs works were full of error or distortion whichÂI can assure my reader 
they are not. YouÂshould learn from all teachings and just move on.ÂThis Idea 
that there should be special censors who include this or exclude thatÂis 
ludicrous.ÂIf you want to contact the younger generations reach out to where 
they are at and stop waiting for them to come to you.

Of the 75,000 visitors to my website each month 15,000 come from Brazil.ÂIf you 
want to see what these Brazilian students are interested in please visit my site 
listed below.
At this light-weaver.con siteÂthere are preparatory, intermediate and advanced 

The very reasonÂI created this website some three years ago was because all my 
Theosophical colleagues wanted to sit around night after night nit-pick over 
what is true Theosophy.Â

Entry level TheosophyÂÂ

Advanced level worksÂof HPB and AABÂ

Best Duane 


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Sent: Wed, October 13, 2010 1:06:26 AM
Subject: Re: theos-talk Re: Isis Unveiled

Thank for your comments and reply. My view about Theosophy has been from time to 
time posted here. I have the position that was inculcated by knowledge I got 
when exposed to Scientilogical methods I was taugh such as Goals- Targeting - 
Survey techniques. In order to know what is "Wanted - Desired- and Reached for" 
one does a type of market survey to find out just what turns people on and off. 
The result gives a pretty good indication of the present state of the 
consciousness of a population such as the current young generation which is 
removed from Blavatskys days by 119 years of" start - change - stop" process 
which forms the evolution seen. The victorian age ended 

largely becuase of evolution of science and mans expanded understanding and 
reason. People just do not reach out or desire the same things of Blavatsky's 
time. In order to create a public that wants and desires what you offer you have 
to offer what they actually will reach for and based on book sales (which is one 
good parameter to measure the current publics "reach" it seems to me to be 
everything that Morten wants to erase from existance however fron people of my 
age may see differently. Today they hold "Psychic and Paranormal Fairs" and "UFO 
Conventions" in Europe, Asia, So, America, America, Canada, Australia and gather 
large public attendence by persons able and willing to pay some times $600 -700 
USD to see videos, listen to presentations about Psychic, Paranormal, UFO, Life 
after Death, NDE's, Past Life Recalls and a plethora of other subject matter. 
This, for the last several decades has been a "Success Formula" that even though 
it does not represent a significant percentile of the general population it 
easily gathers more people annually than the entire world wide population of 
Theosophical Societies in my view. 

In the i970's I used to go to the Besant Lodge on Beachwood Dr. in Hollywood. On 
what was called then the "Temple Hill "area. The directorvback then a Frank 
Silberman. After entering the front vestibule one stepped into the book store 
that had the primary Theosophical titles by Blavatsky, Olcutt and Judge etc. But 
these volumes took only a little space of the total shelf space. The rest was 
occupied then like now by books on the above mentioned topics. The reason for 
that was that that is what sold! Lodges are significantly supported by book 
sales income which also is part of the tithe sent to HDQTRS. 

My view is Blavatsky's "Economy of the Being" , "The Seven Fold Constitution" 
that defines that "gestalt" of each persons individual make up, and which is the 
determining operative make-up that causes people to "Reach" is not something any 
one can postulate away, or evade the existence of. To my view it is a "senior" 
operating contributor to what is "Acceptable and "Desired" by each persons 
economy, moment to moment, through each life time that dictates what attracts 
each of us to what we will gather to ourselves as fullfillment, gratification, 
and expansiveness to our beingness and understanding according to our karmic 
aggregates that are in manisfestation unique to our individualitys. If Theosophy 
has a deficit in terms of what is "Wanted", "Desired", "Needed" I and the others 
such asa young generation will never be attracted no matter how much others wish 
it to happen. 

Mkr has spoken of the large attendance to Theosophy in India by Indians. But to 
really know why it attracts them an in depth analytical measurement and survey 
should be performed. I think the findings will be very specific to the Indian 
culture self concepts which will be unique to them. Also there has been mention 
of the large Brazilian interest 

as to Theosophy, i entertain a view that Brazil has a very large interest in 
"Spiritualism" a long established character in Brazil. There seems to be a large 
following after the teachings Alan Cardec Mesmerism in Brazil both areas lend to 
easy curiosity as regards Theosophy, Brazil has the "Mountain of the Magicians' 
some wherethere but I have forgotten what Martin Leiderman told meppersonally in 
1970's and I haven't been abel to find it otherwise. My point is today there are 
yet certain "Cultures" that have populations that can be receptive in different 
degree's than more western industrialized nations due to the "receptivity" of 
the populace to the "Mysteries" composed of a multitude of unknowns to them. Not 
everyone wants to be a buddhist or other type, "differentiation" is the modis 
operandi and homogenaity is a pipe dream. 

Some have mentioned lodges that have Teaching Courses all over the world. Well 
it takes considerable time spent when it is a in depth worthwhile course, 
usually with a course "Fee" that helps support the maintenance of the roof over 
the head of the lodge itself an other expenses. Courses are worth while. But 
time is not always found next to the whell of necessity of daily life and work. 
So many just will purchase books on subjects they value for personal reasons. 
Online Blog and discussion groups can be a good experience as well as expansive 
to friendship with other who have the same interests. 

Today there can be "Personal Channels" created by individuals or Organizations 
that have a wide character from mediated instructor ship or only documentarys 
without personal exposures. I have seen a variety of them online. In China today 
the Chinese User internet population is over 300 million individuals almost the 
entire population of the USA. In china today there is a protacted ongoing UFO 
Flap that features videos and cell phone photos thown on nationa and local news 
here in the USA. The Chinese have a large legacy of beliefs, superstitions, 
curiositys etc, yet a brand new middle class has appeared that is transforming 
the directions of minds there as has happened practically everywhere else in 
serial order on this planet over time. Hamlets Mill will grind those who persist 
in being resistant to change to make flour of them. 

What happened to the previous world and civilizations was "Start- Change-Stop" 
we need to be able to see that when it is happening with awareness and conscious 
truth. Then make the proper appropiate adaptions. The Sumer, Accadians, Hyksos, 
Assyrians, Hittite, Lemurians, Altantians and all the rest became flour when 
they failed to move in time with the wave of change, solve et coagula. We 
dissolve and appear a new having appropiateness and context as dictated by 
evolutions of our beingness in keeping with the "Lords of Karma" on the dynamic 
scales of magnitudes, micro to macro, as Blavatsky spoke of as well as many 
others past. 

To me , it is not a question of "deviation" from a set program, but the Reality 
and senior Nature of Life , that which is the All that we come with, and All 
that is About us, of we we are it's ray of expression. Once I and others were 
instructed "Seek not of I ----- Seek rather the Energy of your own Being ---- 
and the Space that is About you". We have our existance in the Ocean of Beauty a 
la Proclus and Plotinus, we sail as sailors like the Argonauts pushed by the 
waves of Life itself. 

Regards to all, 

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From: "paijmanstheo" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 4:20:01 PM 
Subject: theos-talk Re: Isis Unveiled 

Hi John, you know that I hold you in the highest of respects. And I am much 
educated by your posts on Juan Moricz - you being my only, learned source as to 

In regards to the url you cite, I am puzzled by the fact that theosophy - at one 
time at the forefront of human development - in the 21st century has dwindled to 
a sorry state where it is seen as an, at most, curious superstition or an 
erroneous cultic belief system developing out of the reactionary forces to the 
early industrialisation processes of western society (six years before "Isis 
Unveiled" saw print the steam engine was 'discovered') - has not grasped this 
unique era in embracing the various new communications platforms. 

My estimate is that this is for a variety of reasons: fear and lack of 
understanding of the new, lack of trust in a new generation, failure to 
understand evolutionary processes in regards to the tension fields created by 
adherence to dogma in the austere bodies of wisdom and the esoteric schools, and 
utmost sloppiness in regards to heritage preservation and maintenance. 

Kind regards, 


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> Theo, 
> I wanted to give you a website link: 
> Links to Theosophical Texts Online 
> >>> <<< 
> You and others might find some unread worthy documents among the links. What is 
>your view of Juan Moric z ? 
> Regards, 
> John 

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