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Re: Isis Unveiled

Oct 12, 2010 02:15 PM
by paijmanstheo

My friend, these are all the symptoms of an institure in decline. The old guard has lost itself in futile, ego-driven power struggles and has failed to train and establish a new, young and vigorous line of replacements to guide theosophy trhough the 21st century when they're gone - and as a consequence, theosophy is now as dead as a doornail.



--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Some sort of elitism seems to set in people who have been around TS
> organizations for long time and this seems especially so with many who seem
> to have a feeling that some how they are closer to the Adepts because they
> have been meditating and using other practices and their actions are
> unexplainable unless it can be ascribed to typical old-age problems of
> physical brain.
> Recently I sent a letter and a fax pointing out to Krotona that Krotona it
> is getting closer to being classified as a Private Foundation in the next
> couple of years for US tax purposes and this can have unintended problems
> and complications on taxation issue locally and federally. (I am aware of
> the issues because it is one of the areas of my professional expertise.)
> All I got was a curt one-line email saying that they are aware of it and
> with no name attached to the email. I have not recd any acknowledgement for
> the letter from its resident head.
> For us ordinary people and members, it is a riddle; we need perhaps an
> initiate from Himalayas to explain what is happening. A miracle has to
> happen to turn things around.

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