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On Nir Vana

Oct 12, 2010 11:34 AM
by Martin

There is no Middle Way, You are the Middle on your Way and don't let them meddle 
with you...

Fiet-s-pad is not a fetish path nor a feet path, the path with a fiets  
(pushbike) or fetish keeps you in the Middle and you use your feet (pisces or 
the fish) to swim into, that is a lot in one 

sentence, hahahaha

The Sage (including the instrumental part: the Fish )


I carry the dust of a journey
that cannot be shaken away
It lives deep within me
for I breathed it every day

You and I are yesterday's answers
the earth of the past come to flesh
Eroded by time's rivers
to the shapes we now possess

Come share of my breath and my substance
and mingle our streams and our times
In bright infinite moments
our reasons are lost in our eyes 



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