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Re: theos-talk Re: Aurobindo's madman?

Oct 10, 2010 07:42 AM
by Drpsionic

I have considered forming a Theosophical Society on Second Life.
Chuck the Heretic  

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"Stolen"? Hahaha, No one owns a thing here in this Universe, thats why the  
seperated beings try to keep things for themselves...We all poor from the  
Intelligence, our minds and bodies are made by the Sun, Moon(hidden  
planet, 8th 
dimesion/sphere) and the Earth and our Intuition descended  from the Cosmic 
Heart...We do not live, we are lived and therefore have to  cooperate and 
what we find, if not ...suffering... Buddha understood  this best, that is 
why KH 
and others see Him as the most holy of  holy...pity He couldn't explain it 
to the 
people of today, since all that  inherrited His Teachings is selling 
not Buddhists... You may now  understand why a Digital Theosophical Society 
should be formed, since the  unworthy people will strand on pornsites while 
others may find their  way toTheosophy...

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I think the key  came in an brief exchange in the Olcott Library many years 
An elderly  lady was staying at Olcott for a short time, doing something 
Theosophical,  and she came into the library walked into the stacks and 
asked why 
the  writings of Alice Bailey were there, not because of any objection to 
they said, but because, as she said, they were all stolen from the  
Section teachings.

That alone would send them up the walls  and over the battlements.

Chuck the Heretic

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This was a very  contemporary article to have been written a hundred years 
As for the  "dethroning of popes" that still is the main thing needed IMO. 
now in  addition to an authoritarian mindset on behalf of the current 
the popes of 100 years ago are untouchable, beyond criticism, still  
even though long dead. 

I would think that Morten and I  agree about the relative value of the 
of Leadbeater and Bailey  compared to those of HPB. I'd be equally 
to spend time on  either one, but if others in a group wanted to study them 
not  object, just skip those classes. But the difference in the TS is that  
nothing negative can ever said about the former, nothing positive about  
latter, without making The Powers That Be extremely uncomfortable.  What is 
about Bailey in particular that creates such a paranoid  atmosphere 
the TS?

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> Great Article  Jim
> This extracted section of the article really gave important  insights.
> Aurobindo: Claims of Theosophy
> "If Theosophy is to survive, it must first change itself. It must  learn 
> mental rectitude to which it is now a stranger and improve  its moral 
basis. It 

> must become clear, straightforward, rigidly  self-searching, sceptical in 
> nobler sense of the word. It must  keep the Mahatmas in the background 
and put 
> God and Truth in the  front. Its Popes must dethrone themselves and 
enthrone the 
>  intellectual conscience of mankind. If they wish to be mystic and secret 
> our Yogins, then they must like our Yogins assert only to the  initiate 
and the 

> trained; but if they come out into the world to  proclaim their mystic 
> aloud and seek power, credit and  influence on the strength of their 
> then they must  prove. It need not and ought not to be suddenly or by 

>_  but there must be a scientific development, we must be able to lay hold 
on the  

> rationale and watch the process of the truths they proclaim."  
> Circa 1910/12
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> Subject: theos-talk Aurobindo's madman?
> Ã  
> I was reading an article by Aurobindo, Claims of Theosophy  at:
> He  wrote in 1910/12: ...The only member of the Theosophical Society who 
> give me any spiritual help I could not better by my unaided  faculties, 
was one 

> excluded from the esoteric section because of  his rare and potent 
> were unintelligible to Theosophical  guides... one who meddled not in 
> organizations and election cabals  but lived like a madman, unmattavat."
> Could have been some  other Chuck, but I wonder who this soul may have 
> Any  ideas?
> Jim
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