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Re: Interesting comment in Quest Magazine

Oct 08, 2010 12:39 PM

Thanks very much for the FYI; I think it's important to know/learn about these sorts of dramas as they're playing out.

Other than that, really I'm more interested in news, like this for example, I thought it was a fascinating article:

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> In the recent issue of Quest (Fall 2010) - Journal of the TSA, there is an
> interesting comment in pp. 155 which reads:
> â??While there, (Rome), I did have an opportunity to meet with TS
> International President Radha Burnier.
> Although frail, she was amazingly strong in demeanor.
> Our meeting was cordial, but she has apparently been affected by some of the
> malefic accusations that have flown around the Internet against the American
> Section in general and me in particularâ??.
> I am glad that the International President was found to be amazingly strong
> in demeanor. What a contrast compared to the chorus of allegations we all
> heard during the last election where she was painted by those who wanted to
> defeat her, as mentally and physically sick.
> The other item that caught the attention of many readers is the use of the
> word â??maleficâ?? above. When I  looked up the meaning of the word â??malefic.â??
> in the free online dictionary, here are the definitions:
> 1. Having or exerting a malignant influence.
> 2. Evil; malicious.
> In the past couple of years, we have seen many messages here and in many
> other Internet Forums, discussions about the electioneering tactics,
> allegations about voting in the Indian Section, the failed ultra secret
> attempt to disenfranchise all members, and the disunity seen in the General
> Council meeting following the election.
> But we have not seen any malignant or evil or malicious statements about TSA
> or any individual in TSA.
> Has anyone seen any messages elsewhere on Internet on the above issue or
> could it be a simple misunderstanding or miscommunication?
> There is no religion higher than Truth
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