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G.O.D. Addendum 1

Sep 27, 2010 05:52 AM
by Martin

Ok, lets continue a bit on the word "GOD".
As I explained before G.O.D. can be seen as an abbreviation meaning  General 
Organised Devotion. It can also be translated as generating  organised devotion, 
or more abstractly Generation, Organisation,  Destruction, since the principle 
of Devotion always reaches for the  deepest Depth in the Void, destroying all 
Therefore GOD is Devotion, Devotion to Itself and through Itself towards  The 
Self. Love yourself first, then others. Serve your Master first  then other 
Masters, since One who serves Her/His Own Master becomes that  Master, will 
recognise Her/His Master then in Others as a reflection,  an Image in the Mirror 
and of course serves Her/His Master then through  Others, since infact it is the 
One Master in All...
Now a little silly playing words...the "H" in some languages is spoken  as a 
"G'' and as such we can say Brother Hood is GO(O)D, since All in  one makes One 
in All and yet we are still differentiated, like the  wheels in an enormous 
Finally we can conclude GOD is Brother Hood, using Time to experience  
Devotional Enlightenment in Duration. This Time will stop the minute  everything 
is realised, then GOD will destroy (transform) itself to be  reborn in yet 
another clock (Universe), watching Time going by  infinitely...making Chaos into 


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