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On Ascension

Sep 27, 2010 05:51 AM
by Martin

Ascension is not  about people, not about ego, it is about the Heart. Not your 
heart or  mine, but its essence returning to is like dying, except  
there is never a need to go back anymore. It is wonderfull to have the  Love 
inside return into the Universal Heart and being One again...
...but you will not  go alone, will you? There's millions out there who want to 
be ascended  as well! The minute you realize this, you are on top of the 
Mountain of  Compassion and you stay, till all are where you are...
ou are the Leader  You are inspiring and uplifting. You bring out the best in 
people,  through both nurturing and challenging them.
You always can see the big picture in life. You are very philosophical and 
deeply spiritual.

You understand people, and you can look at their lives objectively. You can help 
others grow and heal.
People feel comforted by your presence. You help them gain perspective on their 

( from the NLP addendum in the B.O.O.K. of T.A.K. III )
The secret of memory is in the understanding of the lessons we took out of our 
past experiences.
Memory  becomes history at the moment we have realized these lessons and as  
such memory can be used in your teaching skills, since it carries enough  fuel 
to drive multiple roads to multiple people. A real adept therefore  is master of 
personality, any personality because he has understood the  programming of these 
personalities to be a condition to automize  detailed functions in existence*.
To  be however goes a long way further than a personality ( mask in Latin  ), it 
is about the big be conscious about being the  programmer.
When  the programming is bugfree it works in the backgroud of a person  without 
glitches, and the Monad using this instrument will have no  problems with life 
on Earth.
To become a perfect programmer, one needs experience though and along with 
experience comes making mistakes.
These  mistakes become your warning points in future developement. Experience  
needs duration and duration is expressed in time or "lifes". As long as  one is 
open to continue work on its own developement or realization, one  has unlimited 
lifes. As soon as one stands still in only remembering  the "good" things in 
life, illness, old age and death will break in and  we are thrown back into a 
new life with losing part of our memory (  which can return during this new life 
)...So "killing" memory as is  written in the "Voice of the Silence" ( compiled 
by Helena Petrovna  Blavatsky ) simply means just to remember only the wrong 
notes in your  Musical Masterpiece of Life not to play them at your exams...and 
the  good ones as a reference...

*called "subconsciousness"
...intellectualism  again, brings you no further in Life but in realizing only 
that we will  never be able to explain experience in pure thinking...we need the 
extra  "touch" to understanding Life, as ÅÄkyamuni Buddha explained once. This  
touch is called "Buddhi" or more commonly "IntuÃtion" and even more  common 
simply "gutfeeling"... A Buddha therefore is an ex-human in the  "flesh" having 
completely overtaken his Mind by His IntuÃtion and so  ruling and riding His 
A  Bodhisatva is a human about to become a Buddha in his next "in the  flesh" 
and will thoroughly overthink His Plan to realize that Buddha in  Him before 
taking birth...
An  Avatar is not a human, but takes on a human form to experience this  world 
as it is in time and adds surplus when it is not in balance...of  course It can 
take on other forms at other worlds, just what is suited  for It to be of 
service for the One Who sent It...usually there are 3  kinds of Avatars: 
Sustainers, Changers and Originators. Sustainers keep  the Balance and 
strenghten It on a world, Originators bring new Ideas  and Changers are 
Destroyers...we live in a time now, where a Destroyer  could show up any 
moment...a Destroyer is also called a "Shiva  Manifestation"...Its task is to 
pave the way for an  Which It could change if Wished for by Its 
Definitions of Devotion

1. [n] - feelings of ardent love

2. [n] - commitment to some purpose

3. [n] - (usually plural) religious observance or prayers (usually spoken 
Devotion is always  Aspiring or Breathing inwardly, while Inspiring is always 
Breathing  outwardly into the ego...this Breath is called the Breath of Life or  
Atman ( compare German: "atmen" meaning to breath )...

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