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The Publishing Industry,

Sep 16, 2010 05:04 PM

Advertisers were, of course, mostly quick to research and acquire working methods for the Internet.  However many print (book/mag/so on) publishers are still working on developing/adapting their industry standards and media/business methods/models for operating on the Internet.  A great percentage of them will I think in due course, and the industry certainly will; but I don't think the computer is the only reason print media took a dive; truth is the Internet has been proved to be, often times, intellectually and creatively appealing and cutting edge - a little wild west at times a/b all in all that's probably expectable in or with such a new technology/industry - so, it's not only the fact that Internet exists but the quantity and qualities (which advertisers follow) that print has a hard time competeing with.

In abstract I kind of look at it like this; cars haven't closed down the market on bicycles, television didn't replace photographs/drawings; electricity hasn't killed off the candle.      

Many of the institutions, I hope they do adapt/survive a/b I also hope they'll remember there's a reason people reached (and stopped reaching) for their book/mags/so on - it didn't matter what it was/wasn't written on, what it did/didn't cost, what always matters is what's inside, what's new and that feeling or confidence one has when you just know there'll be something you'd really want to see/read.  Great books, great novels, great news and articles, that's what made that industry great.


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