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TOE, time-space - so on,

Sep 12, 2010 07:05 PM

We use time-space in our accounting; like what time is it, what day is it, like lat. and long., where are you so on, a/b truth is that's really just 3-D measurements in a more macro setting - iow, when it comes to time-space itself (wehat is it) we're really Kind of at a point as like the early ocean-explorers wherein man sees there's vast oceans (currents, depths, so on, included) out there to explore, discover, navigate, map/chart, so on and so forth.

Myself, I think it's likely that mankind will learn quite a lot about layering/laps, spirals/pressures, depth and densities - so, I'd gander a guess about some cool new advances in the Space and Oceanic Sciences and Applied Sciences.

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