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Re: TOE; Time-Space - aka filling in those missing pieces,

Sep 12, 2010 06:02 PM

The really interesting part will be when we see if time-space has/hasn't more-in set - 3-D is/may be a natural trinity a/b time-space, this is interesting; will man turn out to be progressing his understanding and theories on-forward via an increasing a/o decreasing quantity of qualities-sets.  If it turns out that time-space, in fact, is a set/setting thus 3-D (3), time-space (2); I could certainly see where (1), having the capasity to encompass solitary and all-encompassing, might show up on the horizons; the end of the line, the beginning of the line, I guess we'll find out then - and, at that time I'd guess man will actually and realistically define some sort of working understanding of TOE.  

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