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Re: Theos-World 27 April 2010 - World religious leaders summit adopts final d...

Apr 29, 2010 07:34 AM
by Drpsionic

Now, is anyone really so foolish as to think that anyone who actually  
matters cares what any religious leader, much less any group of them, thinks or  
says about anything?
How many divisions does the Pope have?
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 4/28/2010 10:49:11 A.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Dear friends

My views are:

27 April 2010
World religious  leaders summit adopts final declaration 

"Final Declaration of the  World Summit of Religious Leaders has been 
adopted in Baku.

The  declaration reads: âWe, participants of the World Summit of Religious 
Leaders  â heads and representatives of Christians, Moslems, Jewish, 
Buddhists and  Hindus religions from 32 countries gathered together in Baku to 
discuss urgent  issues of our period, as well as the impact of globalization on 
religious and  traditional values.

Economic, political, legal and cultural  globalization is not univocal 
process. It gave practical benefit in responding  to common challenges on 
security of production, trade, science, development of  education, security and 
environment. International relations give opportunity  to protect rights of 
believers among modern multinational and multilingual  societies. But the 
impact of global processes on religious sphere is met with  criticism by most 

It is noted in the Declaration that we must  make an opportunity for people 
to form their outlook and for nation to protect  their living conditions. 
The document also reads that - globalization does not  eliminate the threats 
for security of states, nations and persons:  âStarvation, social 
inequality, environmental pollution, armed conflict on the  national-religious ground 
havenât found their solutions yet.

In  contrary, new problems were added. The rich countries are becoming 
richer and  poor ones â more poor. Unequal share of the world incomes is 
increasing the  critiques every dayâ.

The religious leaders signed the document  consider that the terrorism, 
which threatened separate regions earlier, gets  global character and struggle 
against it becomes difficult. âIt is not correct  to think that the 
religious leaders can restore the world order at the expense  of their ow_n forces. 
Their summons effect only believers. Therefore  religious-political 
doctrines, which justify violence against peaceful people,  must be prohibited as 
the Nazi ideas were prohibited in many  countriesâ."

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Interesting words....
Any  comments?


I find the article to be important in the  sense, that the religious 
leaders signed the document.
And also because of  its clear message to the rich people on this planet.

HPB said:
"you  must bear in mind how many powerful adversaries we have aroused ever 
since the  formation of our Society. As I just said, if the Theosophical 
movement were  one of those numerous modern crazes, as harmless at the end as 
they are  evanescent, it would be simply laughed atâ as it is now by those 
who still do  not understand its real purport â and left severely alone. But 
it is nothing  of the kind. Intrinsically, Theosophy is the most serious 
movement of this  age; and one, moreover, which threatens the very life of most 
of the  time-honoured humbugs, prejudices, and social evils of the day â 
those evils  which fatten and make happy the upper ten and their imitators and 
sycophants,  the wealthy dozens of the middle classes, while they positively 
crush and  starve ou_t of existence the millions of the poor. Think of 
this, and you will  easily understand the reason of such a relentless 
persecution by those others  who, more observant and perspicacious, do see the true 
nature of Theosophy,  and therefore dread it. "
(The Key to Theosophy, 2ed. 1890, p.  271-272)

M. Sufilight says:
Now it is quite interesting whether the  rich religious priest will show a 
practial exmaple and not just talk like  empty barrels - as they so often 
have done in the past; the Jesuits in  particular!

M. Sufilight

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