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World Congress in Italy

Apr 07, 2010 10:03 AM
by MKR

Has anyone heard anything more about the World Congress scheduled in July

The Italian website has the following info:

âThe tenth World Congress of the Theosophical Society will take place in
Rome, Italy, from 10th to 15th July 2010, focusing on the following subject:
âUniversal Brotherhood without any distinctions: a path towards awarenessâ.

The subject is closely related to the history and activity of the
Theosophical Society and to its previous nine World Congresses which have
always offered great opportunities to scholars from all over the world to
meet, to study, to share ideas and points of view.â

Of course, there is also an expensive Italian tour after the congress which
most ordinary theosophists cannot afford.

While it is good that all the scholars from all over the world can meet,
study and share ideas and points of view.

What seems to be missing is the current sad situation in TS in most
countries where the membership is either frozen or shrinking and in some
section such as in the American Section, lodges getting their charters
cancelled or withdrawn, setting up an sad trend. In addition we have seen
the disunity and cleavage indicated in the 2008 election, followup attempts
to disenfranchise members around the world  and the 2008 GC meeting and the
silence from the leaders around the world not telling their members what if
they are doing anything to address the above serious basic issues.

We have had all the scholars, leaders, occultists, professors, politicians
etc. all highly dedicated theosophists heading the sections with poor trend
in respect of membership growth. One wonders why no leader is talking about
this simple problem and if it is not addressed, we may be seeing sections
disappearing in countries outside India in our life time. Is this the
leaders want to happen and if so who gets all the money in the treasury and
the valuable real estate sections and lodges own.

Added to all the above is the continued lack of transparency in the TS
sections, which no one seems to think about. Let us not forget the warning
in the 1900 letter about the transparency issue.

While the above may be a call in the wilderness, I do not think keeping
quiet is not a good option to theosophists under the current conditions. Let
us call and talk to our leaders and find out what is it they are doing about
the above serious issues.


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