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Universal Brotherhood - small steps,

Apr 05, 2010 07:31 AM

Universal Brotherhood, as an ideal, is probably only truly achievable when/if it's a place where everyone feels comfortable, and people have to feel comfortable in their heads and hearts, and with their baggage.

This is why, in fact, precepts are in all likelyhood preferable to pontifications.  The world doesn't need another mold everyone w/could be perfect ifn it could just win a/o they could all just fit into it.  The world will always be diverse and cookie cutters/parrots aren't an adequate venue nor address to the matters at hand wherein there is no one-size fits all, no single boat that will nor should hold everyone.

Imo, the Theosophical Society could spend some time studying how Universities branch out and operate.  For example, a typical University provides a number of various and diverse courses, research, and civics activities (aimed at education and enrichment) and yet as an umbrella organization many/most remain versatile and scholastic with highminded standards; task and accomplishment driven.


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