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Lay Mens'/Womens' Comments on Legal Matters

Jan 29, 2010 10:17 AM
by MKR

In cyberspace, you will find very interesting allegations about the
International President and the rules and regulations and the procedures and
processes adopted by the General Council in its proceedings. They are very
well written, possibly with the help or editing of someone who is a master
of English Language. If it were a college credit project, it would get a
grade A without any doubt.

Any time you are in any position of authority, there will always be
allegations and they come with the job. Leaders have to live with them.

When it comes to rules and regulations and procedures and processes used by
the General Council in its proceedings, it falls into the legal category.
Only lawyers are competent to analyze and interpret them. It is their job.
All we have seen are comments on the legal matters by people using
pseudonyms (thus hiding from personal responsibility - it does not show
daring that is necessary for any theosophist to make progress) and not

What I would like to see are comments or opinion from a practicing lawyer
who is fully versed with the law of India and Chennai where Adyar is
located. If a practicing lawyer issues a signed comment or opinion, then it
would have the legitimacy and credibility.

Anything else is simply does not have any real weight even though they may
be repeated like a broken record on Internet by people using pseudonyms.


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