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Re: Theos-World World Congress in Rome

Jan 28, 2010 01:42 PM
by Martin

I wouldn't worry too much for the TS, its message has had its purpose and went across the globe. We live in a world now, where any sacred work can be bought, any state of being can be bought and any nirvana can be bought as well...however knowing all sacred works, having experienced all kinds of mindalterings and buying your way into nirvana will only be temporary untill one forgets and the next life will bring real trouble...
Being poor and appreciating what Nature gives you, learning how It wants to deal with you, and blessing you with good sleep will ultimately carry you beyond TS needed.

From: MKR <>
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Sent: Thu, January 28, 2010 10:24:28 PM
Subject: Theos-World World Congress in Rome

The World Congress in Rome is scheduled in July. I am sure that many of the
General Secretaries and others from Europe would be attending. Of course,
due to the cost of travel and accommodation, the attendance from rest of the
world is not expected to be much. Rich members and others whose travel
expenses are met from TS Section treasury can be expected to attend.

Has anyone seen the program schedule? I hope they would address the most
urgent issue - membership. Aging leadership and difficulty in attracting
younger members, if continued, we are looking for a downward trend in
membership and some sections would survive till their treasury runs out. It
is a very sad state of affairs.

All the events starting with the election of the President and the cleavage
in the GC membership is slowly marring the good image the theosophy and TS
had in the world simply due to the dedication and unselfishness of past
leaders. When they also see the attempted secret disenfranchisement move to
seize the presidency by a handful of GC members, it presents a very poor
picture to prospects. All the participants involved in the past issues have
been silent and we have not seen any serious steps to bring about
cooperation which is urgently needed. We have no idea as to what is cooking
behind the scenes.

I hope the World Congress addresses urgent serious issues and not a just a
vacation like gathering for those who can attend.


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