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Re: Some thoughts on TS Membership

Jan 21, 2010 03:48 AM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

Welcome back, MKR. This forum was quiet when you were not present.

I agree that we should be concerned about the shrinking membership of the TS.

The newest membership info tells us that last year (2009) the Indian Section continued its growing in membership and had 12 698 members. This is 280 members more than in 2008. The American Section lost members again, the figures were now 3 694 (-205).

I believe that people being individual and busy explains something about the loss in the United States. It is not on fashion to belong to any organization. And maybe theosophy has a poor image in all the western countries; people at large think that is just a religion.

You had a good point about that all national presidents in America have been white. Maybe theosophy is presented in a wrong way. Talking about "Aryans" doesn't help to get many non-white members, even if "Aryan" in theosophy is not a racist term.

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