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Dec 23, 2009 03:51 PM
by Augoeides-222

Correction Orpheus - Fisher of Souls was published in 1896 not 1906. 
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There is also the Ten Stages of the Bodhisattva Consciousness in the Great Shurangama Sutra of the Mahayana. And the Nous 10 of the Greeks. And also the Pythagorean "How do we count? 1, 2, 3,4 ----Tetraktys! "10". Pythagoras was said to have been initiated into the mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldean, orphic, , and Eleusinians.(Mead-Fragments of a Faith Forgotten p.61 ). And in Mead's Fragments of a Faith Forgotten p. 323 one can read about the "Three and the Seven". Mead also wrote excellent useful survey of the Orphics of Orpheus, The Orphic diagram a feature of a book written by Francisco Garcia Bazan diagrams Gnosis: The Essense of the Gnostic Dualism showing the spheres of the planets ( the Seven Robes of Isis, the Seven Gates) out to the sphere of the Dragon and then the sphere of the Zodiac,sphere of Darkness,, Light, The Son , The Father. Mead placed a Chart of the Orphic Theogeny on p. 28 of his "The Orphic Pantheon. His "Orpheus - Fisher of Souls", 1906 is an instructive works of high value. 

"The Chaldeans call the God Dionysos ( or Bacchus ), IAO in the Phoenician tongue ( instead of the Intelligible Light ), and he is also called Sabaoth, * signifying that he is above the Seven Poles, that is the Demiurgos." 

* This word is Chaldee, TzBaut, meaning "hosts" ; but there is also a word SHBOH meaning The Seven. 

Lydus, De Mensibus, 83 T.---Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster, Neptune press, by Sapere Aude 

I personally am reminded of the Pistis Sophia by Mead, where a great deal of spiritual drama is portrayed drawing out the role of Yaldabaoth, the "Demiurgos" and how itself has not the knowledge of it's true origin being birthed of Sophia without the consent of the Father nor the syzygy of the union of action. This resulted in the "Abortion of Sophia (Wisdom, the "Consort" of the Farther). Similarily in both "there is yet one above thee Yaldabaoth" Sophia instructs the Lion headed Serpent of old, Yaldabaoth. The 1 and the 7.The Ogdoad of the Gnostics. 


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"Who is in possesion of ...knowledge?" I would not take this transaction to indicate ONLY those of the "snowy range". The Divine Wisdom has existed before there 
was such a range.There have been many possessed of the sacred Wisdom, who have not been there. But, I certainly would not be one to belittle the spiritual work 
that has come forth from the Himalayas. 
"Then,from eternity,with Ten SayingsYou gouged 
With Scribe,script, and scroll-Ten, 
You finished them in six directions, 
Ten words." 
Rabbi Elazer Kalir 
Ten,not nine.Ten, not eleven are the Holy Sephiroth. But, of course I could quote volumes from sacred Hebrew sources, and if you are of the opinion that 
these sources are illigitimate, as they are not secret Chaldean works, there is little point. 

I am not sure how,philosophically. the ogdoad is a better representative,symbolically than the decad. I have not yet looked into the sites you posted , but I will. 
I have some works from various Ogdoadic traditions. 
I am unfamiliar with a system based on eight Sephiroth. In my mind I can see how there may be something to it. I was thinking of the ancient symbol of the 
eight-spoked wheel, but I understand that to be a symbol of Akasha, more or less. The Pythagoreans, Neo-Platonists, Qaballists, have used a ten-fold 
division of Being, as it is mathematically sound philosophy. I wish I could consult Theon of Smyrna, but I was unable to purchase a copy of his book: 
Mathmatics Useful for Understanding Plato. Very expensive. 

You have given me much to think about. but... 

Of what value is this super-esoteric Chaldean system, if virtually no one has ever heard of it. I have not been introduced to this system, through the esoteric 
instructions of my school but, I am truly not a high-Initiate, so...I don't know. I do know the one who founded our order was a genuine Initiate or Adept 
whos teachings I trust.But I am excited to look into your comments. 

May I be so bold as to ask if you do not respect the Qabalah of the Rosicrucians or Hebrew Initiates, because of your affiliations or sympathy with Islamic 
traditions? I hope that is not out of line but, also if there may not be something to it? Just curious. 

in L.V.X. 

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