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Dec 23, 2009 01:12 PM
by Brad Crawford

"Who is in possesion of ...knowledge?" I would not take this transaction to indicate ONLY those of the "snowy range". The Divine Wisdom has existed before there 
was such a range.There have been many possessed of the sacred Wisdom, who have not been there. But, I certainly would not be one to belittle the spiritual work
that has come forth from the Himalayas.
"Then,from eternity,with Ten SayingsYou gouged
With Scribe,script, and scroll-Ten,
You finished  them in six directions,
   Ten words."
                          Rabbi Elazer Kalir
Ten,not nine.Ten, not eleven are the Holy Sephiroth. But, of course I could quote volumes from sacred Hebrew sources, and if you are of the opinion that
these sources are illigitimate, as they are not secret Chaldean works, there is little point.

I am not sure how,philosophically. the ogdoad is a better representative,symbolically than the decad. I have not yet looked into the sites you posted , but I will.
I have some works from various Ogdoadic traditions.
I am unfamiliar with a system based on eight Sephiroth. In my mind I can see how there may be something to it. I was thinking of the ancient symbol of the
eight-spoked wheel, but I understand that to be a symbol of Akasha, more or less. The Pythagoreans, Neo-Platonists, Qaballists, have used a ten-fold 
division of Being, as it is mathematically sound philosophy. I wish I could consult Theon of Smyrna, but I was unable to purchase a copy of his book:
Mathmatics Useful for Understanding Plato. Very expensive.

You have given me much to think about.  but...

Of what value is this super-esoteric Chaldean system, if virtually no one has ever heard of it. I have not been introduced to this system, through the esoteric
instructions of my school but, I am truly not a high-Initiate, so...I don't know. I do know the one who founded our order was a genuine Initiate or Adept
whos teachings I trust.But I am excited to look into your comments.

May I be so bold as to ask if you do not respect the Qabalah of the Rosicrucians or Hebrew Initiates, because of your affiliations or sympathy with Islamic
traditions? I hope that is not out of line but, also if there may not be something to it? Just curious.

in L.V.X.


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