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Re: Theos-World Re: sufi Light

Dec 22, 2009 01:16 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

About the Astral Light, I will have to agree. And I will also say, that the Astral Light by a number of Western esotericists - in a sense - are pictured on a lower level than the ones HPB operated with.

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Here are a few quotes on the Astral Light as defined by Blavatsky.

TS Glossary by HPB 1892 - Astral Light:
"The root of the word might be found in the Scythic - Aist-aer -which means star, or the Assyrian Istar, which according to Burnouf has the same sense".
 (See p. 38 - with the terms used by Paracelsus (Sideral Light), Eliphas Levi (great Serpent) and others)

Secret Doctrine, vol. I, p. 197, 259, 297, 365, 367, 526:
"The astral light stands in the same relation to Akâsa and Anima Mundi, as Satan stands to the Deity. They are one and the same thing seen from two aspects: the spiritual and the psychic-the super-ethereal or connecting link between matter and pure spirit, and the physical. See for the difference between nous, the higher divine wisdom, and psyche, the lower and terrestrial (St. James iii. v. 15-17). Vide "Demon est Deus inversus," Part II. of this volume."
"Eliphas Levi ought to have added that the astral light, or primordial substance, if matter at all, is that which, called Light, LUX, esoterically explained, is the body of those Spirits themselves, and their very essence. Our physical light is the manifestation on our plane and the reflected radiance of the Divine Light emanating from the collective body of those who are called the "LIGHTS" and the "FLAMES." But no other Kabalist has ever had the talent of heaping up one contradiction on the other, of making one paradox chase another in the same sentence and in such flowing language, as Eliphas Levi. He leads his reader through the most lovely, gorgeously blooming valleys, to strand him after all on a desert and barren rocky island."
"The astral light of the Kabalists is very incorrectly translated by some "Æther;" the latter is confused with the hypothetical Ether of Science, and both are referred to by some theosophists as synonymous with Akâsa. This is a great mistake."
" In the Hindu Katakopanishad, Purusha, the divine spirit, already stands before the original matter, "from whose union springs the great soul of the world," Maha-Atma, Brahmâ, the Spirit of Life,* etc., etc. "
"* The latter appellations are all identical with Anima Mundi, or the "Universal Soul," the astral light of the Kabalist and the Occultist, or the "Egg of Darkness.""
"Audhumla (the "mother" or astral light, Cosmic Soul) "
"The human body itself is charged with the ether [Say astral light.-H.P.B.];"
"* Yet it is not Ether, but only one of the principles of Ether, the latter being itself one of the principles of Akâsa. "

M. Sufilight

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  From: Brad Crawford 
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  I'm not sure what I could share, other than what has been published, and therefore, available to anyone. One thing of interest to me is the teachings of H.P.B.,
  regarding the Astral Light is quite different than what is being referred to by that term, by most western Adepts. When E. Levy, and other western esotericists
  speak of it, they are speaking of something on a far higher state of existence than what H.P.B. is referring to.
  The Western School is referring, by Astral Light, to the very Prima Materia of alchemy, the substance of Svara, the Great Breath Itself. Perhaps it is as the
  Mulaprakriti itself. HPB, seems to be referring to it's activity on a lower plane, when she and Theosophists, speak of the Astral Light. I have only recently
  become aware of this distinction. It will, no doubt, be an interesting course of study. I have not yet fully studied HPB's teachings on it. This was recently
  pointed out to me that HPB was speaking of something a bit different, than what it represents in the Western tradition. The one Life-Principle.
  Perhaps this will arouse a bit of discussion.

  yours, in L.V.X.

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