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Re: sufi Light

Dec 22, 2009 12:47 PM
by Brad Crawford

I'm not sure what I could share, other than what has been published, and therefore, available to anyone. One thing of interest to me is the teachings of H.P.B.,
regarding the Astral Light is quite different than what is being referred to by that term, by most western Adepts. When E. Levy, and other western esotericists
speak of it, they are speaking of something on a far higher state of existence than what H.P.B. is referring to.
The Western School is referring, by Astral Light, to the very Prima Materia of alchemy, the substance of Svara, the Great Breath Itself. Perhaps it is as the
Mulaprakriti itself. HPB, seems to be referring to it's activity on a lower plane, when she and Theosophists, speak of the Astral Light. I have only recently
become aware of this distinction. It will, no doubt, be an interesting course of study. I have not yet fully studied HPB's teachings on it. This was recently
pointed out to me that HPB was speaking of something a bit different, than what it represents in the Western tradition. The one Life-Principle.
Perhaps this will arouse a bit of discussion.

yours, in L.V.X.


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