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Re: Theos-World Tiger Wood Syndrome

Dec 18, 2009 04:33 PM
by Cass Silva

No one has seen him because he is languishing away on his 1billion dollar yacht! It's a good thing that its down there for'golf' cause it sure wasn't up there for thinking! 

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>Sent: Fri, 18 December, 2009 11:10:57 PM
>Subject: Theos-World Tiger Wood Syndrome
>Tiger Wood Syndrome
>When Tiger Wood, the worldâs best known athlete, got into trouble
>because he had extra-marital affairs, he went into hiding. No one has
>seen him in the public. All public saw was a craftily worded statement
>(language, in the hand of an expert can easily be used to conceal or
>mislead the reader without even the readers becoming aware of it) on
>his website, which he had hoped would solve his problems with the
>This is a one-way controlled communication that many are comfortable
>with, especially when they are in deep trouble. A good communication
>with the public requires the person to face an audience of questioners
>and there is two-way interaction. Not only this is effective, but also
>settles a lot of issues and questions and it is the only way to
>rebuild the confidence between the person and the public.
>Some may be wondering why, I have brought it up here in this
>theosophical forum. It is simple. For too long, the octo and
>septuagenarians of the TS who grew up in pre-Internet age and where
>they were fortunate in controlling the channel of communication with
>members are still clinging to pre-Internet mode of communication
>probably hoping it would work.
>We have seen many times statements made in the Cyberspace websites,
>some times under their own names and other times under pseudonyms.
>Where does this lead to? The lack of multi-mode communication does not
>have any effect on the theosophists. On the other hand, there is only
>a slow erosion of confidence and trust in well known names, especially
>after watching all the events that took place since early last year,
>especially the attempted coup to seize control of the president and
>thus the organization and its money and property. Many dedicated
>long-time theosophists are still in a state of shock and disbelief in
>what they saw; they could not even in their dreams imagine such things
>can happen in a society which stands for Universal Brotherhood and
>whose simple motto is - There is no Religion Higher than Truth.
>Either these octo and septuagenarians have to transform themselves to
>the Internet mindset or we will have to wait for them to leave the
>physical plane which is going to happen any way. If they choose to
>transform soon, they would be doing a lot of favor to themselves and
>There is no Religion Higher than Truth

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