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Re: Theos-World Tiger Wood Syndrome

Dec 18, 2009 04:31 AM
by Augoeides-222

I do agree that the Internet is the absolutely fabulous tool of the current evolution and convergence of mankind. To me I have held the view that the internet is the means of the crystalization of communication of the highest order that will be a virtual cornacopia outflowing wisdom, learning, knowledge, understanding, brotherhood, making man all the sons of zebedee (The sons of Thunder) as mind flashes forth unrestrained like lightning creating the crashing thunder of mass communication of mankind necessary to the lift of mind soon to be our reality. 

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Subject: Theos-World Tiger Wood Syndrome 

Tiger Wood Syndrome 

When Tiger Wood, the worldâs best known athlete, got into trouble 
because he had extra-marital affairs, he went into hiding. No one has 
seen him in the public. All public saw was a craftily worded statement 
(language, in the hand of an expert can easily be used to conceal or 
mislead the reader without even the readers becoming aware of it) on 
his website, which he had hoped would solve his problems with the 

This is a one-way controlled communication that many are comfortable 
with, especially when they are in deep trouble. A good communication 
with the public requires the person to face an audience of questioners 
and there is two-way interaction. Not only this is effective, but also 
settles a lot of issues and questions and it is the only way to 
rebuild the confidence between the person and the public. 

Some may be wondering why, I have brought it up here in this 
theosophical forum. It is simple. For too long, the octo and 
septuagenarians of the TS who grew up in pre-Internet age and where 
they were fortunate in controlling the channel of communication with 
members are still clinging to pre-Internet mode of communication 
probably hoping it would work. 

We have seen many times statements made in the Cyberspace websites, 
some times under their own names and other times under pseudonyms. 
Where does this lead to? The lack of multi-mode communication does not 
have any effect on the theosophists. On the other hand, there is only 
a slow erosion of confidence and trust in well known names, especially 
after watching all the events that took place since early last year, 
especially the attempted coup to seize control of the president and 
thus the organization and its money and property. Many dedicated 
long-time theosophists are still in a state of shock and disbelief in 
what they saw; they could not even in their dreams imagine such things 
can happen in a society which stands for Universal Brotherhood and 
whose simple motto is - There is no Religion Higher than Truth. 

Either these octo and septuagenarians have to transform themselves to 
the Internet mindset or we will have to wait for them to leave the 
physical plane which is going to happen any way. If they choose to 
transform soon, they would be doing a lot of favor to themselves and 


There is no Religion Higher than Truth 

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