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Re: Theos-World Upcoming GC Meeting

Dec 17, 2009 08:25 AM
by Drpsionic

Tis the season to be schemin'
Chuck the Heretic  

In a message dated 12/17/2009 8:28:03 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Upcoming GC Meeting

As usual, I suppose the next meeting of GC is  scheduled on Dec 25.
Everyone is keeping silent and members have no idea of  what issues are
going to be discussed and what decisions are going to be  taken which
affect TS and its members. The GC members having gotten used to  the
ultra secrecy of the proposals and proceedings of the meeting,  looks
like, want to continue it, no matter what ordinary members think  of
it. I hope they had a first hand lesson from last yearâs  events
surrounding the meeting, especially the ultra secret proposal by  a
Quartet to seize control of the Presidency, thus the future of the  TS
by making the president a puppet of a handful of GC members from  the
West. It was the non-transparent environment which allowed the  Quartet
to think of the clever proposal and not a single one of them  would
have dared to stand up in public before members and announce  their
idea how they are better fitted to appoint the president  ignoring
members world-wide. We are lucky that timely disclosure and  broadcast
over Internet and furor caused by membership around the world  resulted
in the plan to be approved last year. The plan has not been  formally
withdrawn and there was no public apology to the members from  the
Quartet. We have no idea whether the proposal is on the table  or
efforts would be made to bring it up using other clever tricks in  the
upcoming meeting. The only safeguard to protect such unwise  and
self-serving moves being made by some GC members is to  bring
transparency to the agenda and the proceedings. I hope the GC  would
discuss the transparency issue keeping in focus the strong  warning
given in the 1900 letter. Continued misleading secrecy is bound  to
bring about some serious misguided decisions taken by the GC  to
negatively affect the TS and its members. Serious public  discussion
of issues is bound to point out any f_laws in any potential  decisions.
It also gives an opportunity for an ordinary member to point out  that
the King has no clothes.

Only thing that the powerless  individual members, like you and me, can
do is to pray and meditate that  none of the GC members even think of
any self-serving moves.and surprise  us.


PS: Recently I noticed that the Quartet member who  formally proposed
the now famous ultra secret disenfranchisement move and  the next in
command in TSA are going to present two programs at Krotona  Institute
of Theosophy next April-May. I hope it is an indication of a  positive
move of reconciliation and unification which we have not seen  since
the start of last year's events. Krotona Institute is setup as  an
independent trust headed by the OH of the ES. As such no  theosophical
leader has control over the institution.

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