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Re: Theos-World Are the Jesuits inside the Vatican still at it?

Dec 06, 2009 05:32 PM
by Cass Silva

I can't recall the names of those involved, but a whistleblower on the vatican's paylist was found murdered and he was strung from one of the bridges that crosses the Thames. There are others that have been persecuted. Have found a wiki link which you might find interesting.

Vatican & Jesuit Order
	* Charles Chiniquy - (1809â1899) He exposed the Jesuits as the assassins of President Lincoln during the 1880s. 
	* Charles Chiniquy collection 
	* Josà Rizal - (1861-1896) 
	* Emmett McLoughlin - (1907-????) "Irishman, who exposed the Roman hierarchy as responsible for the excessive crime among Roman Catholic peoples, in forbidding the public school system to teach about the Inquisition, and for carrying out the assassination of Abraham Lincoln." (book: "Vatican Assassins", 2001) 
	* Hiram Dukes - (1914-1990) 
	* Avro Manhattan - (1914-1990) author 
	* toresearch: "He was educated at the Sorbonne and the London School of Economics. During World War Two he was jailed in Italy for refusing to serve Mussolini's army. Later during the war, he operated a radio station called "Radio Freedom" broadcasting to nations occupied by the Axis Powers. For this service he was made a Knight of Malta. His friends included H.G. Wells, Pablo Picasso, George Bernard Shaw and scientist Marie Stopes." [1] 
	* to research: "His aristocratic roots meant that he was a Knight of the House of Savoy as well as a Knight Templar and a Knight of the Order of Mercedes." [2] 
	* Books linked here: 911:Vatican_&_Jesuits#Literature 
	* Malachi Martin - (1921â1999), a former Jesuit who authored critical books on the Jesuits and the Vatican. 
	* Jack Chick - (1924-) comic author, and critic of the Catholic Church 
	* Edmond Paris - author 
	* Alberto Rivera - (1936-1997. multiple assassination attempts, murdered ) ex-Jesuit general 1997 who told the public about the Jesuit infiltration actions. 
	* multiple articles on (do a search on "Alberto Rivera") 
	* assassination info 
	* small article 
	* google-links 
	* todo: Nuri Rivera 
	* Tupper Saussy - (1936-2007) artist/musician/author. Author of "Rulers Of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies". 
	* "Finding the lost" (2001), article on his discovery of the Jesuit/Masonic mafia influences in the US. 
	* Milton William Cooper (Bill Cooper, lured and shot by police men, murdered) - (1943-2001), author, shortwave broadcaster, 
	* audio clip 
	* video: The Hour of Our Time - The Legacy of William Cooper 
	* video: William Cooper - Behold a pale horse lecture 
	* Walter Veith 
	* official site (Total Onslaught video series) 
	* Jim Arrabito - (1950-1990, murdered?), artist and evangelist 
	* "On September 2, 1990, while returning from a photography trip in Alaska, Jim and two of his sons (Tony and Joey) were killed in a plane crash which also took the lives of the pilot and a young missionary from New Zealand." 
	* video:A fascinating comparison of ancient religious symbolism 
	* video:Jesuit Order Occult History 
	* video:The Inroads of Spiritualism 
	* video:The Babylonian Connection 
	* video:James Arrabito John the Revelator 
	* video:Home from the Heavens 
	* Richard Bennett (Ex-Jesuit Priest) 
	* google-links 
	* works 
	* video's 
	* video: Vatican Control Through Civil Law 
	* Eric Jon Phelps - secret society researcher (Jesuit Order / Vatican / masonic cults) 
	* interviews and book excerpts 
	* google video's 
	* youtube video's 
"Throughout history, the Jesuit Order has been tied together with war and genocide, being formally removed from many countries, including France and England. As researchers claim the Jesuits are the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order, author Phelps has also called for the Order's banishment in this country. However, with more than 28 major universities from coast to coast, the Order has created a strong political and financial foothold here, including secret control of the CFR and control of many banks like Bank of America and the Federal Reserve banking system, making Phelps' call for banishment a difficult if not improbable task." [3] 
	* C.T. Wilcox - author and actor 
	* Book: "Transformation of the Republic", 2006 
	* "an expose of Vatican and Jesuit intrigues and interference into the political structure of the United States and Europe. It contains shocking revelations and fully authenticated documentation, much of it hidden for almost 100 years, to support the conclusion that the United States has been transformed from a beacon of light and hope into an empire with beast-like tendencies and that the world is headed for a Vatican led and instigated cataclysm while it sleepwalks towards the edge." 
	* J. Crowley - "Irishman, who, at the turn of the Twentieth Century warned of the Jesuitsâ conspiracy to destroy the bulwark of Americaâs popular liberties â the Public School System â furthering the quest of "making America dominantly Catholic." Authoring The PopeâChief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue, Crowley also warned of the Jesuitsâ power in Washington, D.C. and their plan to use American political and military might to restore the Popeâs Temporal Power in Rome and extend its influence around the world. This was accomplished during the Second Thirty Yearsâ War (World War I and World War II â 1914-1945) and the public schools were destroyed by Supreme Court decisions handed down by a Chief Justice who was an arch-conspirator in the Kennedy Assassination, Earl Warren." (book: "Vatican Assassins", 2001) 
	* "Papal Despotism" (Chapter VIII of Romanism) 
	* more info 
	* Gerard Bouffard - former Catholic Archbishop of Guatemala and Vatican insider. (contracted bone cancer) 
"Besides painting a dark picture of the Black Pope in Rome, Bishop Bouffard claims the evil power of the Jesuits extends throughout the world, including solid infiltration of the U.S. government, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and major religious organizations." 
	* Thomas Richards - a former Roman Catholic who is warning Americans about the evil Vatican and Jesuit hierarchy trying to destroy America. 
	* podcast (Nov. 07, 2006) 
	* Bill Hughes - author of The Enemy Unmasked and The Secret Terrorists, telling listeners that the Vatican through the Jesuit Order are the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order. 
	* podcast (Oct. 17, 2006) 
	* Bobby G. Limeta 
	* Madelin Murrey O'Hair - " Just before O'Hair, and her family, was to go to New York, to protest the Pope, she and her family disappeared without a trace. Again the media silence was deafening." 
	* toresearch: 
	* Category:Anti-Catholicis 
	* Slats Grobnik 
	* Richard Bennett (short bio) 
	* Stan West 
	* Ralph Moss 
	* Tony Alamo 
Labor Zionism
Labor Zionism is a Jesuit controlled masonic network, backed by mainly the Ashkenazi Jews, like the Rothschild family. 
For more see: Labor Zionism 
	* Barry Chamish (1952), author and lecturer who exposes the Vatican-Jesuit schemes to try and destroy Israel and its Jewish citizens. 
	* Yisroel Dovid Weiss (1956) 
	* google links 
	* youtube video's 
	* google video's 
	* Fritz Springmeier (page removed from wikipedia) - Illuminati/secret-society researcher 
	* "He has written at least 13 books. His early work focused on the relationship between Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasonry, later books have the central theme of the organization Illuminati. He claims this organization consists of 13 bloodlines that are Lucifer's elite among humans. This organization has accumulated enormous wealth and controls the world's major corporations and governments. Its top members function like a ruling aristocracy that tries to hide its influence." 
	* toresearch: framed?: "In 2003 he was sentenced to 9 years in prison for his involvement in an armed robbery in Portland, Oregon in 1997. This was allegedly done in order to get funds to promote one of his books in Japan but his participation is disputed. He is currently serving his sentence in Sheridan, Oregon." 
	* John Coleman - Disinfo agent! Illuminati/secret-society researcher (wikipedia) 
	* Tocheck (same person?): "John Coleman, a prominent Jesuit sociologist" [4] 
United States

>From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
>Sent: Sun, 6 December, 2009 9:18:36 PM
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Are the Jesuits inside the Vatican still at it?
>Sure we have such an impact or influence.
>Development is just slow, and seems sometimes very slow to us.
>Cass wrote:
>"It is those that are found hanging on Westminster Bridge that they are concerned about.
>I ask:
>Would you expand a bit on why this is true in your mind?
>M. Sufilight
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>From: Cass Silva 
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>Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 1:26 AM
>Subject: Re: Theos-World Are the Jesuits inside the Vatican still at it?
>We can Morten because we have no social or political impact to enlighten others of their corruption and evil manipulation in the world. It is those that are found hanging on Westminster Bridge that they are concerned about.
>>From: Morten Nymann Olesen <global-theosophy@ stofanet. dk>
>>To: theos-talk@yahoogro
>>Sent: Sat, 5 December, 2009 11:24:29 AM
>>Subject: Re: Theos-World Are the Jesuits inside the Vatican still at it?
>>I might add the following.
>>H. P. Blavatsky said:
>>It is universally known that this most important object is to antagonize Christianity and especially Jesuitism. One of our most esteemed and valued members-once an ardent Spiritualist, but who must for the present be nameless-has but recently fallen a victim to the snares of this hateful body. The nefarious designs of Jesuitism are plotted in secret and carried out through secret agencies. What more reasonable and lawful, therefore, than that those who wish to fight it should keep their own secret, likewise, as to their agencies and plans? We have among us persons in high positions-political , military, financial and social-who regard Christianity as the greatest evil to humanity and are willing to help pull it down. But for them to be able to do much and well, they must do it anonymously. The church-"Triple- headed Snake," as a well-known writer calls it-can no longer burn its enemies, but it can blast their social influence; can no longer roast their
>bodies, but can ruin their fortunes. We have no right to give our enemy, the church, the names of our "Fellows" who are not ripe for martyrdom, and so we keep them secret. If we have an agent to send to India, or to Japan, or China, or any other heathen country, to do something or confer with somebody in connection with the Society's general plans against missionaries, it would be foolish, nay, criminal, to expose our agent to imprisonment under some malicious pretext, if not death, and even the latter is possible in the faraway East, and our scheme is liable to miscarry by announcing it to the dishonorable company of Jesus."
>>http://www.katinkah esselink. net/blavatsky/ articles/ v1/y1878_ 031.htm
>>But of course so who call themselves theosophists would like us to believe, that this was and is not a theosophical teaching today - because a new area has begun since the days of H. P. Blavatsky. - Yet, I see no reason not to mention, that I disagrees with these persons, and ask them why we aught not follow the above views?
>>M. Sufilight
>>----- Original Message ----- 
>>From: Morten Nymann Olesen 
>>To: theos-talk@yahoogro 
>>Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 5:30 PM
>>Subject: Theos-World Are the Jesuits inside the Vatican still at it?
>>Dear friends
>>My views are:
>>One of my friends e-mailed this one on another forum. Try especially listen to the secend speaker in this video where Christopher Hitchens are telling something which aught to be carefully considered. At least that is what I think.
>>The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world
>>http://www.intellig encesquared. com/iq2-video/ 2009/catholic- church
>>I do of course not agree on all what is said.
>>But, ...any comments?
>>- - -
>>http://www.blavatsk arts/TheosophyOr Jesuitism. htm
>>M. Sufilight
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