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Re: Theos-World Ireland Running out of Catholic Priests

Dec 02, 2009 12:55 PM
by Augoeides-222

This Forum can only get better as we all become senile and develop alzheimers and turn into cranky old wind breakers lol! I can hardly wait to read it all lol.May I suggest doing a simple street survey asking anybody under 35 and older than 18 questions about what they really care about in life and what is trivial and oxymoronic to them lol. Then after compiling the results the surveyors would need to force themselves to stop lying to themselves about reality lol. 


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I would rather hear that the Catholic priests are being run out of Ireland. 

Chuck the Heretic 

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In an article titled, Why Ireland Is Running Out of Priests it is stated: 

Earlier this month, the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, made a 
grim prediction about the future of the church in Ireland: If more 
young priests aren't found quickly, the country's parishes may soon 
not have enough clergy to survive. 

He told the congregation at St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral in Dublin that 
his diocese had 46 priests ages 80 or older but only two under 35. 

When I saw the above numbers, I am reminded of TS world-wide where 
the age of the leaders is obvious to everyone. At least, the Catholic 
Church is making efforts in Ireland to get more young people in. 

We have not heard much of any discussion about bringing in young 
leaders into theosophy. (Is this an agenda item in the upcoming GC 
meeting? Possibly not seeing what has been going on in TS since the 
start of last year's _election.) 

We all know, every upcoming and growing organization or movement is 
lead by young or middle aged leaders and not octo or septuagenarians 
even though sometimes some may like to think otherwise. This issue of 
age vs leadership is a rarely discussed one within TS. 

Read the full article at: 


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