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Alone or All-One

Jun 28, 2009 02:43 PM
by Martin

One day I was told you come alone in this world and you leave alone...I
did not understand this and asked myself, why are we here then all

The answer came fast: we learn in all loneliness to be with one and other by Love,

1 plus 1 is 3, the 3d is Love, hence Sundrum* is always on His own, He
wants to meet some1, while every1 is always hiding, because they are so
afraid of Him...

It is our choice to be lonely or Allone, not to be God, but to be in
God...The eternal causeless cause or Void...To learn to be together in
God or to die being alone in you may understand why the
Buddha never left be kind ( Loving ) to man creates
mankind...that's the Secret...

Alone, is only 1 letter, the L of Love...without Love we
become lonely, and loneliness is anagram of ( the ) Illness ( of )

*Sundrum is the ancient Odin, wandering the world for companionship: Od in...Od is Love, the Od's odd isn't it?


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