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Re: Theos-World Dirty Tricks update

Jun 28, 2009 06:59 AM
by MKR

Eric: Here is a summary of the resources and the current situation. I hope
it helps.
There are only two theosophical maillists - theos-talk and theos-L, both at
yahoo groups - which are independent of all organizations and are
unmoderated. There is also a ning communit site at, which
is also independent of all organizations. These resources are used by
"theosophists" who belong to organizations as well as those who do not
belong to any. Hence, there is free exchange of ideas and discussion on
varied matters in these sites without interference from organizations which
have their own vested interests. So, when a "theosophist" is looking for
help or information, these are places to go to.
Any newbee visitor to theos-talk in recent months would be wondering why
there is so much traffic on TS organizational matters on theos-talk. This
needs explanation. Since early last year, TS has faced a crisis like of
which no one has ever seen in last more than 50 - 75 years. It is also more
serious than the Coloumb crisis which shook the TS in its foundations. So
for newbees, some background information is needed.
The crisis started with the election of International President.
International President candidates are nominated by the members of the
General Council which consists of the National Secretaries, ex-officio
members and nominated members. Once nomination is done, members world-wide
cast their votes and winner is determined.
In the current election, there were two candidates; current president and
another candidate. Many GC members who was opposed to election of the
current president, tried to sway the election by alleging that the president
is sick mentally and physically and hence should be defeated. However, three
well known and highly regarded physicians from three continents found her
fit, both mentally and physically and she was elected with a wide margin.
The matter would have ended with election and TS would have gone on its way
to fulfill its mission - spreading theosophy. It was not to be. Soon after
the election, members were shocked to learn of a ultra secret move by a
handful of GC members, which included the defeated candidate, to change the
rules of TS, to disenfranchise all the members and seize the power to
appoint the president. Already GC has the monopoly to nominate the
presidential candidates and not satisfied with it, the move was in effect to
monopolize the appointment of the president, by disenfranchising the
members. Many members were in shock and dismay that their leaders would even
dream of disenfranchisement. This was also seen by many as an end-run
reaction after losing the election. After public disclosure and member
reaction, it has not moved forward so far. In the minds of many members,
this incident also diminished the trust members had in their leaders.
In any organization, such as TS, unity of purpose and cooperation is
essential for the growth. The GC meeting held in December 2008, revealed a
deep cleavage between two groups of members and this was displayed by the
pattern of voting in the GC meeting.
So in the above circumstances, members are alert and vigilant as the do not
know what to expect next from their leaders.
Much of the current discussion on organizational and some philosophical
matters take place here. This is the only forum where free discussion can
take place without organizational intereference. But for the disclosure of
the disenfranchisement move in this list, the disenfranchisement would have
been a fait accompli and TS would have changed topsy turvy by now. I am sure
there are some unhappy campers on this issue.
This is the second maillist which is not controlled by any organization.
Much of the traffic on this list deal with theosophical and philosophical
matters and occassionally you will see other matters discussed. It has a
much smaller circulation.
The theosophical ning site at, is the newest online forum
to interact with others interested in theosophy and allied matters. It is
also independent and not controlled by any organization.
Many of us participate in all of the above and the trick in participation is
to post a question or request for help or information and usually, you get
quick responses. So it is upto us, the participants, to keep the sites
active and make use of it.
Visit and enjoy.

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 5:58 AM, Eric S. Dye <> wrote:

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> Hello Folks,
> Although I have been a member of this list for 9 months or so, I had no
> access to it for 8 months. When I joined the list, I posted something
> about Alice Bailey, got a negative post from someone and then a kind
> post from MKR. I have been a Theosophical student for 35 years, not
> necessarily a Theosophist in the political end of it, but in the living
> the life of........... I am wondering if there is ever any discussion of
> Theosophical precepts and the life teachings of Theosophy in addition to
> the politics in Adyar. Now that I have become an active member again (as
> of today), I do wonder if Theosophy as a "way of life" is ever discussed
> or if this list is designed around the politics in India. That is
> interesting to a degree, but I think it gets "stale" after awhile.Thanks
> Eric S. Dye, <>
> MKR wrote:
> > The individual was from Chicago according to the profile. I hope at the
> end
> > of the detective work, someone is going have a virtual pie in their face
> if
> > another person was behind the trick!!!
> >
> > On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 11:35 PM, <<>>
> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> I wonder if I should start wearing a mask with a new avatar to confuse
> >> them. After all, two can play at that game.
> >>
> >> Chuck the Heretic
> >>
> >>
> >> In a message dated 6/27/2009 8:06:26 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
> >> <> <> writes:
> >>
> >> The participant in the ning community who posted a doctored document and
> >> when questioned, signed off quickly and left. Many participants now feel
> >> that the person was masquerading using a pseudonym.
> >> .
> >> Based on past experience of some of the participants here, the
> masqueraders
> >> are de-masked and publicly embarrassed in time.
> >> .
> >> Vigilancy of participants seems to be a solution to prevent masqueraders
> >> causing trouble.
> >> .
> >> .
> >> MKR
> >> .
> >> PS: This may not be the last of masqueraders; do not be surprised if we
> run
> >> into them in the future.
> >>
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> Our deeper understanding leads us to another kind of power, a power that
> loves
> life in every form that it appears, a power that does not judge what it
> encounters, a power that perceives meaningfulness and purpose in the
> smallest
> details upon the Earth. p.26
> Our deeper understanding tells us that a truly evolved being is one that
> values
> others more than it values itself, and that values love more than it
> values the
> physical world and what is in it. p.21
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