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Re: Theos-World Masqueraders in cyberspace

Jun 27, 2009 10:16 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear MKR and friends

My views are:

But. let us not forget, that a certain number of persons call themselves Theosophists, when they actually are not.

And some beginner Seekers find that it is fair to test the other Seekers using another name than their own. It is known that the Count of St. Germain was using a great number of different names, even so he was a high initiate.

Most persons who find that all kinds of masquerading to be false and non-theosophical are in fact not seldom having a fragment of fear within them which is uncontrolled. They do not like to be caught as ignorants or being told the truth about their not so flattering activities. (Sometimes they seek this at all costs.) 
The fact that this is common even among beginner theosophists and various Seekers should be no surprise.

When you communicate with a person through e-mails you could with advantage consider, that it could be anyone on the planet, (well except yourself - unless you are in Two Minds etc.) . Of course unless you actually know who you are communicating with, and not assuming it.
- - - 

I will just have to reject the idea about being "Shocked" about this.

The wisdom teachings and theosophical teachings do not opreate according to what ordinary humans want or perceive as the proper manner of behaving. Not much has been written about this by HPB and even later theosophists.

The wisdom teachings and various initates operates through what we call DESIGN and MEASUREMENT. I will tell you in a compassionate manner, that We who belong to the wisdom teachings does not find it necessary to operate through culturally diplomatic narrowminded patterns just to please ignorant academics, politicians, or even betterknowing bigots. - When it is time to be serious we will be serious. When it is time to act like an academic wil will act like an academic. When it is time to act like a 'New Age' Healer with his or her Heart held up-tight we will do so. - The theosophist operates using a great number of methods and not only the one craved for be the ignorant Seekers.

- - -

*** A few words on how a Theosophical Teacher looks like ***

How can you say what a teacher should look like? The most
one can do is to make a few remarks about it.
What is so perplexing to conditioned attitudes about the Theosophists
is that, unlike teachers of other kinds, they refuse to stick to one
kind of appearance. As an example, if you go to see an Initiated
Theosophist, she or he may not look, talk or act like a mystical master at all. This is
because s/he says either: 'You can teach only by the method
indicated for each pupil, and you may have to teach by what
seems to him unlikely'; or else because he says: 'There is time
and a place and certain company. According to these, we will
teach. When it is a time to be serious, we will be serious. When it
is a time to work through what looks like ordinary things, we
have to do so'.
So important is this lesson that it can be said to go before all
others: in the sense that failure to know this can prevent you
from learning more - and can leave you attached to the externals
of hypocrites. This includes, of course, unconscious hypocrites.
If the Theosophists are right in their claim that time affects behaviour,
and that personal appearance should change (and even temperament)
then obviously all the people who cultivate a reverend appearance,
and all those who acquire it, mistaking this for spirituality,
are wrong.

It is this unspoken contradiction which makes it almost impossible
for people who want continuity and easily identifiable
teaching figures, to accept the change in circumstances and attitudes
which the Theosophical Way demands.
These people, of course, will not have thought it out like this.
All they know is that 'A holy man must seem holy to me'; or 'If
he always behaves in the same manner, or always exhorts me to the
same things, I believe that he may be right'.

The other problem is that the observer is confusing, as he is
bound to confuse without having understood, continuity and consistency
with reliability or truth. Because butter always tastes the same when
it looks the same, he expects a similar 'reliability' in his spiritual
teacher. He is, of course, self-deceived in this assumption.
The genesis of the attitude adopted by the people of externals
is that their inward drive is for finding tidiness, order. This is not
a spiritual activity, it is perhaps, rather, therapeutic one. Order
is essential for disordered people. Looking for it as a major factor
in 'esoteric' directions is the mistake.

In trying to make what - for them - is order out of what they
imagine to be the disorder of the Theosophical tradition, they have to
oversimplify. They ignore parts of the teaching and succeed only in
creating an imitation of Theosophy.

Because so many people desire order so strongly, you will find
more imitations than reality. One cannot blame anyone for this.
But pointing out facts can help.

- - - 

Any comments?
Is this what your local TS leader is teaching you?

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Masqueraders in cyberspace

  Masqueraders in cyber space

  Two of the commonly used techniques to evade personal responsibility are
  masquerading and using others as cat's paws to post messages in cyberspace.

  Masqueraders usually they will take positions or views, they are too scared
  to take under their own names. In a blog at, the well known
  theosophical author K Paul Johnson commented:
  "Where in the world might a Theosophist have gotten the idea that it is OK
  to write letters under fraudulent pen names in order to manipulate
  organizational politics while evading personal responsibility for one's
  actions? I'm SHOCKED, I tell you! At least I was when finding out a "leading
  Blavatsky expert" had been doing that for years. Then I realized that a
  stream can rise no higher than its source."
  The theosophical community world-wide is a very minuscule one. Members, who
  have been around for some years, usually run into each other either
  personally or in cyberspace. From time to time, the community becomes aware
  of the special areas of expertise of the members. Also with most personal
  identifying information now available on Internet for those who know where
  to look, it becomes even more difficult to hide one's identity.
  The pity is, in due course of time, the identity of masquerader is
  discovered and when this happens, it hurts the individual's credibility for
  ever, and also hurts the causes they think they are helping.
  Visit and enjoy!

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