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Masqueraders in cyberspace

Jun 27, 2009 08:02 AM
by MKR

Masqueraders in cyber space

Two of the commonly used techniques to evade personal responsibility are
masquerading and using others as cat's paws to post messages in cyberspace.

Masqueraders usually they will take positions or views, they are too scared
to take under their own names. In a blog at, the well known
theosophical author K Paul Johnson commented:
"Where in the world might a Theosophist have gotten the idea that it is OK
to write letters under fraudulent pen names in order to manipulate
organizational politics while evading personal responsibility for one's
actions? I'm SHOCKED, I tell you! At least I was when finding out a "leading
Blavatsky expert" had been doing that for years. Then I realized that a
stream can rise no higher than its source."
The theosophical community world-wide is a very minuscule one. Members, who
have been around for some years, usually run into each other either
personally or in cyberspace. From time to time, the community becomes aware
of the special areas of expertise of the members. Also with most personal
identifying information now available on Internet for those who know where
to look, it becomes even more difficult to hide one's identity.
The pity is, in due course of time, the identity of masquerader is
discovered and when this happens, it hurts the individual's credibility for
ever, and also hurts the causes they think they are helping.
Visit and enjoy!

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