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New Disguise ( )

Jun 26, 2009 07:14 AM
by Martin

Well, after some interaction with a few Dharmakaya's, I have decided to change my way of interaction with Humanity.

As I stated before, this is my first time here on Earth and I have
prepared myself for 800 years to "incarnate"; my "excarnation" will be
subsequently similar to that of a Buddha. My body will disintegrate and
be absolved into the Absolute however this will take another 425000
years to accomplish. 

This means I have a wealth of time to entertain myself with the dragons
of Earth, the little dwellers, the big dwellers and anyone who opposes

I was sent here on a mission which will unfold soon and has everything
to do with the hidden side of Love, which is Justice...not Judgment. I
will Judge, yes, but Nature carries out the execution...instant Karma
if you wish...

Therefore note my Synthesis of Life:

You Give What You Get...and You Get What You Give.

10 words, not 10 commandments.....

Peace to you all...


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