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Re: Theos-World Fanaticism and Dogmatism

Jun 24, 2009 07:19 PM
by Cass Silva

We need you to do 'the bishop circle dance'


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>Subject: Re: Theos-World Fanaticism and Dogmatism
>Damn, how come we never have fun like that? We could use some free PR!
>Chuck the Heretic
>In a message dated 6/23/2009 6:45:43 P.M. Central Daylight Time, 
>eletzerich@yahoo. com writes:
>Dear friends,
>Two weeks now, we in the Theosophical Society in Greece, are under extreme 
>pressure. The Summer Conference of the T.S. in Greece to take place in few 
>days, has caused a lot of talking. But today the situation has exceeded 
>every logical limit. The Bishop of Alexandropolis gave an interview during 
>the morning, and also tonight a 30 minutes on a TV channel, accusing us of 
>satanists and saying things that I prefer not to describe.
>The Bishop of Alexandropolis also published an encyclical, against the 
>conference which is on every Christian web-site and was
>published on newspapers. 
>It was decided by the T.S. in Greece to request police protection when we 
>arrive on Alexandropolis and in Samothace Island.
>You can see the program of the conference at this link: 
>_http://www.theosoph http://www. thhttp:// www.thehttp: //ww_ 
>(http://www.theosoph the-kabeirian- mysteries) 
>Below is a translation of part of the encyclical, which has a total of 
>three pages, and the original in Greek is on the following web-sites:
>_http://www.imalex. http://www. ihttp://_ 
>(http://www.imalex. gr/DF948CB4. el.aspx) 
>_http://www.athos. http://www. athhttp:/ /wwwhttp: //ww_ 
>(http://www.athos. gr/s_articles- t_view-id_ 1250.html) 
>My dear brothers and sisters, 
>Residents of the Island of Samothrace, 
>I turn to you to beg your attention to protect yourselves against the
>consequences of a Conference on the Kabeirian Mysteries, those terrible
>mysteries ended 2000 years ago, which today some Pagans are trying to
>revive it. We can only make assumptions about what
>happened during the Kabeirian ceremonies, because as in the other 
>mysteries of
>the ancient world, the initiate was not disclosing what happens, because
>people would not accept their ways of worship. 
>The Theosophical Society in Greece, from 26 to 28 June, will hold a 
>Congress in Samothrace Island,
>to initiate people on the Kaveiria Mysteries. The
>emblem of the Theosophical Society are two triangles, a swastika, a 
>Ouroboros a
>snake that swallows its own tail, an evil Egyptian cross, and a secret 
>group of
>Hindu words. The main Âmotto of the Theosophical Society is that ÂThere 
>is no
>Religion Higher than TruthÂ. 
>The question is: 
>Are these people futile? We know that only to refer to the
>ÂKaveiriaÂ, reduces any intellectual capability they may have. 
>Havenât they learned the truth answered by Jesus Christ when he taught ÂI 
>am the truthÂ.
>Its our moral obligation to ask: 
>v Who invited them to our site, causing the piety of the Christian 
>of the island? 
>v Who hosts the home of our five compatriots Martyrs; 
>v Who invited them to the island of Virgin Krimniotissas? 
>v Who wants to blind the eyes of Apostle
>Paul of Samothrace? 
>We will continue to bring pilgrims to wishful Island, of all the world to
>deepen in the first step made by the Apostle Paul in Europe and bring the
>message of the Gospel. 
>The Theosophical Society is against Christianism who has built hundreds of
>churches on the island.
>The Theosophical
>Society is: 
>v An occult organization that uses methods of Eastern religions, 
>v tries to overcome barriers of religions and to create a universal
>brotherhood, thorugh: 
>1. studying comparative
>religions and philosophies, 
>2 investigatings the laws of nature and the hidden
>forces of man. 
>Understand, then, ladies and brothers, how poor is for us Christians, these
>aspirations of the supporters of Theosophical Society, who came to the 
>place of
>the blessed Virgin Mary from the sacramental blood of Five New Martyrs, to
>offer us to go back! To return to the past! To return to the Kaveirian 
>A dead past to us. We want the light, we who live under the
>light and the grace of Christ. We do not need the secretive 
>interpretations, nor false Occultism. We have the gospels of our churches, and is only 
>the freedom of our wishes, which determines our
>relationship with God. 
>We monitor these reactionary efforts, not to encourage violent
>events with them, but because of the war against us, so pray to God to 
>illuminate to find
>the victory of the Gospel given on life and death. 
>So, my Christian brethren, I urge you to disregard the suspected 
>Society which comes to our place to try to mislead our intellect by 
>claiming their
>searches. They are coming forward to us with bloody and immoral ways to 
>But I also call your attention to any vandalism that occurs in our 
>churches or
>chapels. And then the responsibility will fall heavily on those who have
>invited or accepted the realization of this pagan conference on the 
>The Bishop of Alexandropolis
>Alexandroupolis ANTHIMOS â
>best wishes,
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