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Re: Warwickâ??s Recent Comments

Jun 22, 2009 09:11 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Ramadoss,

Maybe we should give an opportunity to the TS officers to act as ordinary members here and stop challenging them as "leaders" at any cost, for in that way we are only deepening the gap, the separation, between "them" and "us". Let us rather challenge their visions, ideas, proposals as we do with those of anybody else. Let us give them opportunity to prove that they were elected because they can offer or are open for new solutions to the problems in their service to the TS. 

Warmest regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Warwickâ??s Recent Comments
> In a recent msg to TS members, Warwick wrote:
> â??I have been asked where am I heading? The answer to that question is
> simple. First, it is not I â?" it is We. We are working to create a more
> vibrant, creative, interactive and forward looking Theosophical Society
> geared to meet the needs of twenty-first century people, and twenty-first
> century aspirants in particular. HPB said many times that the role of the
> Society was singular â?" to promulgate the Wisdom teachings World Wide. How we
> do that is the question.
> -
> We need to present what we have to teach with heart and head in balance. The
> heart is not wishy washy, fluffy New Age so-called heart, it is the true
> compassionate understanding of the initiate and the chela â?" the heart of
> true Christ Consciousness â?" tough, strong, enduring.â??
> +++++
> -
> We have not seen him here for quite some time. I am sure he is lurking and
> reading the messages. While we should congratulate him for posting a couple
> of messages, at least he is only the second National Secretary to venture
> into participating here at a time all others have never been seen.
> -
> We have not seen any mention of the transparency issue in Warwickâ??s msg.
> Lack of transparency is one of the key factors which led to many of the
> problems starting with the election and subsequent end-run ultra secret
> attempt to disenfranchise all members and seize the power to appoint the
> president, thus make the president a puppet of a handful of GC members. At
> least Warwick was not one of the signatories of the disenfranchisement
> attempt.
> -
> For whatever reason, still GC members do not get it as far as the
> transparency issue is concerned. Obviously it is more difficult and
> complicated to carryout any machinations in the open than in an opaque
> environment. It is for this specific reason, at least in the USA, all
> publicly elected bodies have to have their meetings and discussions and
> decisions in the open, under penalty of criminal prosecution. TS can learn
> something from the systems in this country.
> -
> Here I also wish to recall Besantâ??s statement in her last public lecture
> that the most effective way to spread theosophy is to live theosophy in our
> daily lives. I think it is applicable in 21st, 22nd and all future
> centuries.
> -
> Any amount of lecturing is simply talk and when any one sees what has been
> going on in the TS since the start of elections last year, they may come to
> the conclusion that there are a lot of hypocrites in TS like in all
> organizations. It is very easy to live theosophy in a transparent
> environment since there is no secret to be hidden.
> -
> Let us see if the GC members really believe in transparency after operating
> in an opaque environment for a very long time. Continued lack of
> transparency requires all of us to be vigilant and alert since we do not
> know what is cooking behind the scenes and GC members misguided by the
> delusion that they are doing good to TS and theosophy may do things which in
> reality will harm TS and theosophy.
> -
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