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Allegations about election procedure in Indian Section

Jun 09, 2009 08:20 AM
by MKR

Allegations about election procedure in Indian Section
Soon after the election result was announced declaring the election of Radha
Burnier, when everyone expected that now that the election is over and there
would be unity within the leadership around the world so that TS can get on
with its mission, everyone was in for a surprise. Some well known leaders on
the losing camp, alleged that there were procedural problems in the voting
and reporting in the Indian Section. These allegations were not
substantiated and were untrue as later disclosures showed.
The Indian Section challenged the allegations. These allegations made the
membership in the Indian Section both sad and felt deeply hurt. This, will
make it difficult for a long time for anyone from the West to be elected as
the president, because of the overwhelming number of members in the Indian
Indian Section has the largest membership and is growing while the
membership outside India is either stagnant or going down. All past
presidents were fully aware of the need for full support from the hearts of
the membership in India for anyone who wants to lead. TS is a fully
autonomous organization and hence leaders cannot act like the leaders in
commercial organizations. They need support from the hearts of members.
The only retraction of the allegation I have seen so far is a statement by
Betty Bland on a little known Internet website. She stated:
'' .. I unknowingly misstated some dates in my most recent report about the
2008 Adyar Convention (âReport from Adyar,â Quest, spring 2009). There were
two deadlines for the 2008 election results to be turned in to the
International Secretary. The first date, June 6, was the time by which all
sections should have their votes in or they would be further solicited; the
second date was the absolute deadline of June 28. A two-week extension, to
July 12, was granted to the Indian Section, but they did not use it.''
The above raises some points. On matters of details, every reporter knows
that they verify them from two independent sources. Then, before publishing
them, they contact the target and ask for their comments. These are done to
make sure the facts are accurate, because the credibility of the reporter is
involved. These days, it is very easy and cheap to pick up a phone and make
an international call. On important matters, every businessman/woman knows,
telephone works best. In addition, while Betty was in Adyar for the
convention and GC meeting, she could have personally asked the head of the
Indian Section and the International Secretary about the allegation. If
these had been done, the matter could have been put at rest months ago.
Also on a serious allegation such as the above, when entire membership is
affected, quick clear cut public apology is what is expected and works.
Publishing a statement quoted above in a little known website does not help,
Now it is upto each member to make a call.
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