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Re: Theos-World Scourge of God

Jun 01, 2009 06:54 PM
by Cass Silva

In response to Leon's comments on the New World Order- 
Leon, I am not so sure that this cartel would ever consolidate into a New World Power as all would be vying for supreme authority once it was established.
This can be seen in the events leading up to and after the Yalta Conference.

ps I attempted to reply to this via theosophical ning sight but it didn't like me - perhaps the dugpas are up to it again, lol - Just need to post God in the subject line and they are everywhere, hahha

In 1944, Yugoslavian communist Milovan Djilas was in Moscow. During a late night dinner, Stalin summarized how he viewed his two war-time allies: 
Churchill is the kind who, if you don't watch him, will slip a kopeck out of your pocket. Yes, a kopeck out of your pocket. . . . And Roosevelt? Roosevelt is not like that. He dips in his hand only for bigger coins.
In his own paranoia and vision of Marxian class conspiracies, Stalin viewed Churchill's and Roosevelt's personal diplomacies as simply attempts to defeat him on the chessboard of global politics. Churchill's proposal for a percentage division of southeastern Europe into spheres of influence was, in Stalin's mind, an attempt on the part of the British prime minister to pick his pocket for a few "kopecks" in a part of Europe that Stalin planned to completely make his own. As for Roosevelt's policy of giving to Stalin everything that he could and asking for nothing in return, other than the hope that Stalin would then work with him in creating a new deal for a tired world â as exemplified in the American President's initiation of a discussion that resulted in FDR's telling Stalin that Poland and the Baltic Republics were his to do with as he chose â this merely persuaded Stalin that Roosevelt was really trying to pull a fast one; Roosevelt was obviously
 only dipping for "bigger coins." Stalin was not going to let himself be taken in. And at Yalta, he did not. 
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Except for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, drought etc., we
can trace most of the sufferings to the acts of our fellow humans. Unless
people start thinking and refuse to participate in destructive acts, this is
bound to continue. This is where theosophy comes in and helps us to think
and see if we can transform ourselves.

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