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Re: Theos-World Re: Query regarding "Outer Head"

Jun 01, 2009 06:20 PM
by Leon Maurer


I would certainly be interested in seeing such a picture. Also,I would like to know who drew such a map. or on what prophesies it was based? The last such picture I saw was the giant circular Mayan calendar, carved in stone, covering the last 5,000 years of Earth's history up until 2012. Is yours similar to that?

If you could send the picture to me personally as as an e-mail attachment -- which could be opened and read on the computer -- that would be most convenient.


On Jun 1, 2009, at 6/1/094:51 PM, Martin wrote:

Leao, I have a giant map here with the drawing of the whole destiny of Earth in past, now and future. If you want it I will send you a picture of it...

--- On Mon, 6/1/09, Leon Maurer <> wrote:

From: Leon Maurer <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Query regarding "Outer Head"
Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 10:37 PM

      Frank, Jerry, et al,

All the occult teachings are in the Book of Dzyan, and in the Secret

Doctrine commentaries by HPB -- if one knows how to read through the

"blinds" -- by intuitively seeing "in and around the words and

between the lines" -- as well as properly understanding the formula

(in plain sight) in the BofD. ("The Three, The One, The Four, the

One, The Five, The Twice Seven, The Sum Total")

For a direct geometric holographic interpretation of all the globes

and rounds (12 after the triune Supreme Spiritual field itself) and

why it was necessary for HPB to stress only the seven fold system, as

it directly applies to Man's inner nature -- See; "How It All Began" at:

http://dzyanmaster. wordpress. com/

(Note: if any illustration link results in a "Forbidden" window,

simply copy and re-paste (or highlight) link in browser and re-enter.)

http://leonmaurer. info/ABCimages/ THOTH_IN_ DIAMOND_SAMADHI. jpg

Note that pairs of globes are inside surrounding globes -- which

accounts for the sum total of 14 primary globes (of which, the first

two constitute the inner nature of the Supreme Spirit...  (That,

incidentally, was pointed out by WQJ as "NOT being "Atma" or

the"Spirit in Man")...  Thus, explaining why GdeP spoke only of 12

globes pertaining to the cosmos after the initial 'Supreme Spirit"

triune field or first Logos -- which stands outside of the lower 12


Although, the seven globes, rounds and races on the physical/material

plane are, for all practical purposes, all that is necessary to

know--  (since these pertain to the lower 7 of the overall 14)...

Remember, a hologram contains all the information of the whole in

every zero-point of whatever matrix it is encoded in -- "as above, so


HPB also indicated the overall holographic, fractal involved,

harmonically cyclic nature of the cosmos, when she said (A) it was

like "wheels within wheels", (B) that everything could be explained

by "analogy and correspondence' . and (C) that all of it was

"electrical in nature".  And, she even predicted all the changing

paradigms of modern and post modern physics --up to the latest

multidimensional (11 and more "hyperspace" field) string, quantum

field, and M-brane theories.. See:

http://leonmaurer. info/einstein. html

Anyone can see that the Masters and HPB did not actually hold back

anything from the really intuitive student (other than the method of

using will to correlate the forces).  And, they expected the whole

truth to be exposed before the end of the 20th Century in preparation

for a universal awakening in this century -- which should be about

the time the mass of sixth sub-racers begin to appear and be

noticed.  That's why the Masters could retire long before CWL, AAB,

and other pseudo theosophists began spouting their distortions.

So let's keep watch, and do our best to welcome the newcomers by

spread broadcasting the fundamental teachings of theosophy they need

to know (while warning them of the false prophets and blind religious

beliefs that would lead them astray).

Best wishes,


Apparently, the hints were given out right from the beginning -- with

the expectation that only the "intuitive student" would get it.

On May 17, 2009, at 5/17/093:31 PM, Frank Reitemeyer wrote:

Dear Jerry,

I understand your motive quite well.

I am always angry when I read in the newspaper strange things with

theosophy allegedly teaches and then find as source Bailey or the


Yes, we need to be alert not to intermix the theosophical teachings

and terms of the primary sources (which are to me the messengers

aof the Masters) with the me merely *interpretations* by lays as

Steiner, Besant, Leadbeater etc.

I have learnt from your communication that we have as yet no

written proof that HPB used the term "outer Head" or "Outer Head".

It seems, Judge and Besant were the first onces, who used the term

in print.

Regarding GdeP I come to a different conlusion. From his writings I

come to the conclusion that he is the most brillant commentator of

HPB, but not in the sense of an interpreter.

To me his arguments sound authentic. That he was the only successor

since HPB as yet who was allowed by Masters to talk in public of

his occult status (that of a Teacher and a Messenger) makes him

somewhat unique.

But to conclude that in turn other teachers as Tingley or Judge did

not possessed the same teachings is poppycock to my humble


As to the teachings of the 12 globes - this is to me a proof of the

authenticity of GdeP's teachings.

Would he have taught but the same teachings as PUBLISHED by HPB,

then he would be regarded by me as one interpretator of many.

But his teachings are not contradicting new inventions as that of

Steiner, Besant, Bailey, Leadbeater - which make them Pseudo

theosophy in HPB's mind - but GdeP's teachings are fully in accord

with HPB and to some extent logical extrapolations of it.

The 12 globe model of GdeP does in no way contradict the 7 globe

teaching of HPB.

On the contrary, would GdeP have stated that only 7 globes exists

one had to think of a blind or incompetence, since HPB stated that

she was not allowed to give out the teachings in its entirity and

that in the 20th century a chela would come who will give the

complete teachings - HPB clearly points here to GdeP.

Furthermore you seem not to consider that HPB, when speaking of the

7 globes she refers only to the four lower planes.

Neither said HPB that no other planes exist nor did she say that no

other globes on other planes exist.

To assume that HPB did not know about globes on other planes except

those she refered too is in my humble opinion a blinkers mindset

that the ULT promotes.

That theosophists believe that HPB knew nothing more than that what

she was allowed to publish or that all what we published is the

last analysis of theosophy is foolish and the main reason why the

Theosophical Movement today is lying in koma and spiritually nearly

dead, while at the same time there is so much need and thirst for

pukka teachings and I feel also a need for further, deeper

teachings that even GdeP was allowed to publish.

There is so much information and verification from outside of the

movement (Baumann and his Shambhala research, Christian Lindtner

and his Lotus Sutra and Parinirvanasutra research etc. etc.) that

shows that the time is ripe for that information, but theosophists

fail to receive/understand/ hold/spread this information.

In other words: The Masters of wisdom and peace are not to be

arrested or blackmailed by theosophists, they do not want to make

theosophy a new dogma or a new religion, they just want to spread

the truth, with no regard from where this truth comes.

The malfunction of theosophists is also implied by the fact that

they did not recognized the 1975 messenger and that they even today

did not recognize the messengers that HPB followed, no matter

whether he/she/it is called outer/visible/ honoured Head or Mickey

Mouse as you know.

While the insignia majestatis are not considered theosophy becomes

more and more the widow again, instead the other way round and new

and deeper teachings are taught and brought into practice.


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From: Jerry Hejka-Ekins

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 1:36 AM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Query regarding "Outer Head"

Hi Frank,

I agree with you that there is a lot of misinformation, as well as


of information concerning HPB. This is precisely why I raised the

question. There is a tendancy among many Theosophical historians, in

and outside of Theosophical circles who have mixed together

concepts and

terms from the Besant period (and later) to the Blavatsky period of


Theosophical Society. The Book "Madame Blavatsky's Baboon" is a prime

example of this kind of mixing of periods. Consequently, I point for

raising this issue is not so much to determine who first used the


"Outer Head", but rather to raise awareness that Theosophical terms


titles arose in specific periods of the TM, and often changed meaning

over time.

Regarding G. de Purucker, I regard his writings as secondary to

Blavatsky and Judge, whom he interpreted and took into his own

direction. This is neither praise nor condemnation of P.

Personally, I like G. de P's writings, but it would be a mistake

to, for

instance, attribute his twelve globe system (7 sacred planets and 5

mystery planets) to HPB. HPB may or may not have implied such a


but it is clearly G. de P. who developed it. The same can be said for

Besant, Leadbeater etc.

In your example of G. de P's outer and inner rounds, I would make the

same argument as above, though, if I correctly recall, Sinnett earlier

used the terms "inner and outer rounds".



Frank Reitemeyer wrote:

Hi Daniel and Jerry,

although the question who first used the term O.H. may be of less

importance, as most theosophists have not even in dreams a basis

understanding of who and what HPB was, it comes to my mind that we

know less to nothing about what HPB really taught orally, except from

the few published instructions.

F.e. Hartmann reports that HPB often spoke of the coming soon great

war in Europe or about Paracelsus.

We have no documents about the term.

OTOH, HPB states in E.S. instruction No. III, Esoteric Papers p. 419:

"...that by "Teacher" I neither mean myself, as I am but the humble

mouthpiece of the true Teacher..."

Similar we may not find the term "outer round" in the surviving

documents of HPB, so people who stick on HPB alone can argue that de

Purucker's teachings about outer rounds and inner rounds are a new

invention and not a revelation of HPB's teachings. And yet HPB in her

"last photo" refers to different cycles of messengers.


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From: Jerry Hejka-Ekins

To: theos-talk@yahoogro <mailto:theos- talk%40yahoogrou>

Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 8:46 AM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Re: Query regarding "Outer Head"

Hello Daniel,

I haven't found such a document either. So, the recent statement

someone posted on this discussion board (which I quoted in my


message) that, ..."Outer Head, a term coined by HPB for the


messenger who is the teacher and the link." is probably incorrect.

Unless, of course, someone can find documentation to the contrary. Is

there anyone here who can furnish such documentation?


danielhcaldwell wrote:

Hi Jerry,

I don't think that HPB herself ever used that term: "Outer Head".

I could be wrong but if so, where is the document showing that?

If you browse through all the documents in ESOTERIC PAPERS OF MADAME

BLAVATSKY, you will see that from the very beginning, HPB was


to as Head of the Section, Head of the Esoteric Section or at

least in

one document as Head of the ES.

This is found in documents signed by HPB, Judge and Olcott.

The first time I can find "outer Head" used is in that Judge


I have already mentioned and you will see those two words again

on page 326 in the new pledge issued after HPB's death in which

Mr. Judge and Mrs. Besant were termed "the outer Heads of the


One other relevant document I suppose would be the Preliminary

Memorandum, see page 47 of ESOTERIC PAPERS.

Here it is stated:

"The real Head of the Esoteric Section is a Master, of whom H.P.

Blavatsky is the mouthpiece for this Section."


--- In theos-talk@yahoogro <mailto:theos- talk%

40yahoogroups. com>

<mailto:theos- talk%40yahoogrou>, Jerry Hejka-Ekins <jjhe@...>


Hello Daniel,

Yes, your link works. The link went to p. 323 where Judge,


HPB's death, refers to her as ..."outer Head of the Section."


If Judge capitalized both words, i.e. "Outer Head," I would take it

as a

title. Otherwise, I think Judge meant that HPB's title was "Head

of the

[European ] Section [of the E.S], and he added the modifier of


to distinguish her from her teacher, who might then be called the


Head of the E.S. On the other hand, it could be a typo, and Judge

really meant to write "Outer Head." But if this is the case, and

if I

am correct that HPB never used the title "Outer Head", then it


have been Judge who meant to coin that title for HPB. But when


and Judge jointly led the EST, they both took (at least in the

beginning) a much humbler pose and signed their joint circulars



Anyway, it is an interesting point, and is possible that Besant


"outer Head" as "Outer Head" and assumed that title for herself


the Judge split in the Spring of 1895. Also, Katherine Tingley was

dubbed "Outer Head" by her followers in the May 21, 1896 Point Loma


circular--a year after Judge died.

However, my original question was: Where (if anywhere) does HPB

/herself/ use the title "Outer Head"? Have you anything on this?



danielhcaldwell wrote:

Hi Jerry,

Well, look here:

http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu <http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu>

<http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu <http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu>>

<http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu <http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu>

<http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu <http://tinyurl. com/psmbsu>>>

If this link works, it will go to p. 323 of my ESOTERIC PAPERS OF


See what Judge writes upon HPB's death.

I don't know if this would be considered a "title" but Judge

does use

the two words together to describe HPB.

What do you think?


--- In theos-talk@yahoogro

<mailto:theos- talk%40yahoogrou>

<mailto:theos- talk%40yahoogrou>

<mailto:theos- talk%40yahoogrou>, Jerry Hejka-Ekins <jjhe@>


Dear Friends,

I have been unable to find any documents, inside or outside of

the E.S.

where H.P.B. uses the title "Outer Head." As far as I have

been able

to determine, this title was first used by Annie Besant. Does


here know of any documents where H.P.B. uses the title "Outer




In a recent post, someone wrote:

"O.H. stand for Outer Head, a term coined by HPB for the


messenger who is the teacher and the link."

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