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Update on TS Brotherhood

Apr 28, 2009 10:33 AM
by MKR

The foundation of TS is Brotherhood. Sinnett was reminded repeatedly about
this by the two Adepts with whom he had correspondence.

Let us revisit the issue of Brotherhood in the light of the various events
that took place since early last year.

Firstly, for a common man or woman, actions speak stronger than words. The
common denominator for all us is that we are all basically human beings;
some may be more educated, some very smart, some good looking, some not so
good looking, etc. But no one can dispute the fact that we are all human
beings first and foremost.

As human beings we want to be treated honestly, like in a family. We need to
tell the truth when we deal with others. Of course we do from time to time
make mistakes of fact or opinion and when we realize the mistake, we need to
fix it immediately and apologize as appropriate.

>From what we have seen since early last year in TS, members have been fed by
the leadership with incorrect or untrue information relative to the
election. When these errors were identified, no action was taken by the
leadership neither to correct the errors nor there were any apologies. The
simple consequence is members lost their trust in their leaders.

This was compounded by behind the scene secret move to disenfranchise all
the members in the international election. Disenfranchisement by itself, in
todayâs democratic environment is totally unacceptable. When the attempt was
made in great secrecy, it is all the more worse and you can imagine the
opinion of the membership on their leaders. Even after the disclosure of the
above move, there was no response from the proponents as well as supporters
and many were disappointed when they did not see open simply public apology.

The above facts, not only has given a black eye to the leaders, but also the
TS. Any prospective member is confused when they see the disconnect between
the proffered fundamental foundation of the TS and the actions of many
leaders world-wide.

With todayâs Internet, all of the above information is there for anyone to
see. This makes it urgent that the leaders take dramatic action to fix the
drip drip damage that is being caused to TS and the Cause. I think we all
are creating some very bad Karma by inaction. Whether you believe in it or
not, I do not know.


There is no Religion Higher Than Truth

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