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Re: Questions for Keith - straight to the point I hope

Apr 20, 2009 02:39 PM
by sampsakuukasjarvi

--- In, "amusedwiththis" <amusedwiththis@...> wrote:
> Dear Keith and Et al, 
> I am wondering how the two year voting rule impacts the voting for president and vice president. 

24 months rule impacts, of course, also on the presidential election. That is why TS (Adyar) members and members eligible to vote are listed separately. See Anton's great, very useful webpage:

So if you have not been a TS member for at least two years, you usually can't vote in any election, be they local, national or international, you can't be an officer in lodges or in a national board ? and you can't belong to the Esoteric School (there are additional requirements, too, for this last mentioned). But there are exceptions. For example, Rudolf Steiner was elected for the General Secretary of Germany though he was not a member of the TS.

In my understanding one problem in the last presidential election was that some countries didn't tell their total membership but announced only their eligible voters. Anton analyzed this in his site.


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