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Move of TS to India and current status

Apr 18, 2009 03:59 PM
by MKR

HPB was sent to the USA to find HSO and launch the TS in New York. HPB
clearly stated that she was following the orders from the Lodge and the two
Brothers from Tibet. Both were then ordered to go to India. India was
unknown to HSO and the future prospects were totally unknown. They left for
India because of their total trust and confidence in the wisdom of the
Brothers. The life and travel in India was very difficult for someone who
grew up in the West.

HPB knew USA was the cradle of the next Root Race and was aware of the great
future progress of the Humanity lies in the USA. But, anyone who did not
have an inkling of the wisdom of the Brothers would have thought that HPB
and HSO were foolish to go India with unknown future.

After transplanting TS in India and establishing the world headquarters in
Adyar, TS grew world-wide. The growth was rapid during the years when Annie
Besant was the President and the World Teacher project was progressing.

After the Jiddu Krishnamurtiâs announcement of his Truth is a Pathless Land
message, the membership world-wide took a hit. But the basic foundation that
developed till then, continued to remain strong as ever even thought the
membership numbers did not reflect the inherent strength. Many may dispute
this. There is no objective way to measure the strength. One indication that
is worth noting is that even today, world-wide, there are numerous TS
members who study Krishnajiâs lectures and watch the videos.

The issue of relevance of India to TS relative to the rest of the world has
come into sharp focus in the recent election. Membership in India has shown
steady growth from year to year during the last several decades. On the
other hand, in most of the countries outside India, it has been stagnant or
on a downward slide. Of course those who find excuses for everything will
argue the issue of quantity vs quality. There is no proof to substantiate

Currently the membership in India is the largest. I think this fact is a
significant evidence of the wisdom of the Brothers in their decision to move
the TS to India. A significant result of this fact is that anyone who
aspires to lead the TS in the future has to have substantial support from
the members in India. Without substantial support from members in India, no
candidate can get elected. The numerical strength of members in India is
also a bulwark against any future administrationâs attempt to belittle Adyar
as a token site of TS.

It is pitiful to watch the events since the start of the election last year.
Presenting untruthful health information about Radha Burnier to members
outside India with the simple objective of defeating the sitting president
is unprecedented in the TS history. Also the unsubstantiated attempt to
allege procedural errors in voting in India enraged most membership in
India, which will make the motivation of any candidate from outside India
highly suspect in the minds of members for a long time to come. Compounding
all of the above was the attempted coup to seize the presidency by
disenfranchising membership world-wide and control appointment of future
presidents by a handful of GC members.

The overwhelming membership in India and the role played by Internet in
demolishing the untruthful information and the distribution of the coup
discovery prevented a fatal blow to the TS.

I think that all of the above are an indication of the foresight of the
Brothers and some may poo-poo the whole idea.


There is no religion higher than truth

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