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Re: Theos-World Why do you see the speck in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log in your own

Apr 18, 2009 10:22 AM
by MKR

I am very glad to read further details of what went on in the GC meeting.

Only when we hear from multiple persons present in the meeting, one gets a
fuller and more complete picture of the events that took place. Everyone of
us wears a mask. Leaders come under bright sunlight and scrutiny in their
public and private acts. The mask becomes critical when you are a leader and
when what is in front of the mask is in contrast with what is behind the

In democratic setups, transparency is enforced so that it forces the leaders
to say and do things in the open. I have been advocating opening up the
meetings at the national and international levels. At the national level
such as in the USA, all the equipment needed to broadcast the meetings on
the Internet is already in place. All it needs is the courage and will to do
things in the open that they have always done behind closed doors.

Once full transparency is implemented, we would not be arguing about what
went on in the meetings. Also we will seeing the leaders in true colors.


On 4/18/09, Erica L. Georgiades <> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> In December of 2008 when I arrived in Adyar there was too much tension. So
> much tension that I think it will take many years for me to participate to
> an international convention again. In my first days there, some people
> talked to me and mentioned they would not even say hello to Kim Dieu and
> others. My position was to tell them this is not right, we have different
> ideas and views, but we cannot exclude anyone who thinks different from us,
> especially in a Society whose first object is Universal Brotherhood. For
> some people though is very difficult to separate their persona from the
> ideas they defend. So they end up excluding people, not talking to them, and
> this is not right.
> In a post of Mr. Warwick Keys (January 25, 2009), he mentioned that a
> "volatile observer" attacked the "reformer" Kim Dieu during the meeting of
> the International Council, and that no attempt to restrain or remove the
> observer from the chair was done. At the end of the GC meeting, some
> observers usually are allowed to say few words. This kind of procedure I've
> seen during the International GC meeting in 2007 and also in 2008.
> The observer to which Mr. Warwick Keys refers, is me. First of all there
> are no "reformers", there are willing to be "reformers". Now what I said
> during the GC meeting and I repeat here is the following: Kim Dieu is too
> long president of the European Federation (13 years), and maybe its time for
> a change. This was taken as an innapropriated comment and as Mr. Warwick
> suggested , I should have been removed from the meeting.
> Now during the opening of the meeting, they were accusing Radha Burnier of
> fraud and manipulation, and used such words many times. This of course -
> from their point of view - was not inapropriated. Their conspirancy theories
> are also not inapropriate, when they say the UP is trying to take over the
> T.S.Nothing they do is inapropriate.
> I have nothing against Kim Dieu, who is a dedicated theosophist. My comment
> even if it was taken as a personal attack, in fact was not. I believe that a
> person who proposes such changes in the by-laws (as for example, to reduce
> the number of times a President is re-elected etc), should settle an
> example. Being 13 years President of the European Federation and planning to
> go on for 6 years more, certainly its not the best example that someone who
> is defending such changes can give.
> Now they criticize the International President, they accuse her of fraud
> and manipulation, but when a critic was made to them, that is not
> appropriate. Appropriate is only what they do. This is the kind of openess
> they are preaching.
> Now I travelled to India paying my own expenses and I am not a payed
> employee or have any of my expenses covered by the T.S., as many of those
> present in the International meeting have. I've been working a lot to try to
> make the Greek Section stronger and in fact this is my major concern at the
> moment. But the fact that I have not a chair in the International Council,
> wont prevent me from expressing my views on relevant matters related to the
> T.S., wherever I am.
> To resume the opposition group thinks that everything they do and say is
> right. They complained that some members could not participate to the GC
> meeting, and they complained why an observer was not asked to leave the
> meeting. What an irony! Its obvious that the freedom they talk about, is
> limited to those who support them excluding those who have a different view.
> They took their seat during the International Council and accused the
> International President for fraud and manipulation. Don't forget that they
> made such attacks to a person who just had a stroke three years ago and is
> around 86 years old. That is so noble of their part, that is so appropriate.
> Here I close with a question to them: "Why do you see the speck in your
> brother's eye, but do not notice the log in your own."
> Erica L. Georgiades
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