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Re: Theos-World "Third Volume" - with Love

Apr 14, 2009 07:35 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for this Morten

From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Sent: Wednesday, 15 April, 2009 2:39:38 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World "Third Volume" - with Love

Dear Cass and friends

My views are:

It seems to be this page by Dane Rudhyar: http://rudhyar. com/astroarticle s/planetsandchak ras.php

If this is true, I would recommend reading the following before jumping to the conclusion, that Dane is not misleading anyone.
He is as I see it from the below by HPB at least leaning hevaily in that direction.

The bitter truth is that before man can know his own inadequacy, or the competence of another man or institution, he must first learn something which will enable him to perceive both. Note well that his perception itself is a product of right study; not of instinct or emotional attraction to the individual, nor yet of desiring to 'go it alone'. This is 'Learning How To Learn.' 

1. HPB said:
"MAGIC is a dual power: nothing is easier than to turn it into Sorcery; an evil thought suffices for it. Therefore while theoretical Occultism is harmless, and may do good, practical Magic, or the fruits of the Tree of Life and Knowledge,* or otherwise the âScience of Good and Evil,â is fraught with dangers and perils. For the study of theoretical Occultism there are, no doubt, a number of works that may be read with profit, besides
* Some Symbologists, relying on the correspondence of numbers and the symbols of certain things and personages, refer these âsecretsâ to the mystery of generation. But it is more than this. The glyph of the âTree of Knowledge of Good and Evilâ has no doubt a phallic and sexual element in it, as has the âWoman and the Serpentâ; but it has also a psychical and spiritual significance. Symbols are meant to yield more than one meaning.

Page 60

such books as the Finer Forces of Nature,* etc., the Zohar, Sâpher-YetzÃrÃh, The Book of Enoch,â Franckâs Kabalah, and many Hermetic treatises. These are scarce in European languages, but works in Latin by the mediaeval Philosophers, generally known as Alchemists and Rosicrucians, are plentiful. But even the perusal of these may prove dangerous for the unguided student. If approached without the right key to them, and if the student is unfit, owing to mental incapacity, for Magic, and is thus unable to discern the Right from the Left Path, let him take our advice and leave this study alone; he will only bring on himself and on his family unexpected woes and sorrows, never suspecting whence they come, nor what are the powers awakened by his mind being bent on them. Works for advanced students are many, but these can be placed at the disposal of only sworn or âpledgedâ chelas (disciples), those who have pronounced the ever-binding oath, and who
 are, therefore, helped and protected.â For all other purposes, well-intentioned as such works may be, they can only mislead the unwary and guide them imperceptibly to Black Magic or Sorceryâif to nothing worse.
The mystic characters, alphabets and numerals found in the divisions and sub-divisions of the Great Kabalah, are, perhaps, the most dangerous portions in it, and especially the numerals. We say dangerous, because they are the most prompt to produce effects and results, and this with or without the experimenterâs will, even without his knowledge. Some students are apt to doubt this statement, simply because after manipulating these numerals they have failed to notice any dire physical manifestation or result. 

Such results would be found the least dangerous: it is the moral causes produced and the various
* [This title is not in the WÃrzburg MS. (p. 63). Re. R. Prasadâs book, see B.C.W. Vol. XII, p. 604 fn. & 621, where H.P.B. says, âIt recommends Black Magic of the worst kind, and is the very antipodes of spiritual Raja-Yoga . . .â WMS. references on this page and the following, are from The Theosophist, Vol. LIII, December 1932, pp. 265-266.ââ Compiler.]
â [The WÃrzburg MS. adds here the words: âcalled by the Greeks EnoÃchion, or the âinternal eyeâ.â]
â [WMS reads: âThere are numerous works written for the sworn Initiates only, those who have pronounced the for-ever-binding oath & who alone can deal with their teachings practically. ]
events developed and brought to an unforeseen crisis, that would testify to the truth of what is now stated had the lay students only the power of discernment. "

http://www.katinkah esselink. net/blavatsky/ articles/ v14/ph_041. htm

Another issue is Natures Finer Force mentioned in the above.
This was written about in the Theosohist and later rewritten by R. Prasad (President of the special Meerut Theosophical Society) and is an example on dangeorus science, which easily could lead one on the highway to sorcery, black magic ( and not to mention "heretical" behaviour).

*** Also the following by HPB and I do love this "Blubook" title title - giggle :-) ***



Such is another question asked by members of the E.S.T. I answer: Genuine concentration and meditation, conscious and cautious, upon oneâs lower self in the light of the inner divine man and the PÃramitÃs, is an excellent thing. But to âsit for Yoga,â with only a superficial and

* See The Voice of the Silence, pp. 68 and 94 (Note 28 to Part III).

Page 604

often distorted knowledge of the real practice, is almost invariably fatal; for ten to one the student will either develop mediumistic powers in himself or lose time and get disgusted both with practice and theory. Before one rushes into such a dangerous experiment and seeks to go beyond a minute examination of oneâs lower self and its walk in life, or that which is called in our phraseology, âThe Chelaâs Daily Life Ledger,â he would do well to learn at least the difference between the two aspects of âMagic,â the White or Divine, and the Black or Devilish, and assure himself that by âsitting for Yoga,â with no experience, as well as with no guide to show him the dangers, he does not cross daily and hourly the boundaries of the Divine to fall into the Satanic. Nevertheless, the way to learn the difference is very easy; one has only to remember that no esoteric truths entirely unveiled will ever be given in public print, in book or magazine.
In the Book of Rules I advise students to get certain works, as I shall have to refer to and quote from them repeatedly. I reiterate the advice and ask them to turn to The Theosophist [Vol. IX] of November, 1887. On page 98 they will find the beginning of an excellent article by Mr. RÃma Prasad on âNatureâs Finer Forces.â* The value of this work is not so much in its literary merit, though it gained its author the gold medal of The Theosophistââas in its exposition of tenets hitherto concealed in a rare and ancient Sanskrit work on Occultism. But Mr. RÃma Prasad is not an Occultist, only an excellent Sanskrit scholar, a university graduate and a man of remarkable intelligence. His Essays are almost entirely based on TÃntra works, which, if read indiscriminately by a tyro in Occultism, will lead to the practice of most unmitigated Black Magic." (the text continues with important info...)

"Our seven Chakras are all situated in the head, and it is these Master Chakras which govern and rule the seven (for there are seven) principal plexuses in the body, and the forty-two minor ones to which Physiology refuses that name."

"When the time comes, the members of the E.S.T. will be given the minute details about the Master Chakras and taught to use them; till then, less difficult subjects have to be learned. If asked whether the seven plexuses, or Tattvic centres of action, are the centres where the seven rays of the Logos vibrate, I answer in the affirmative, simply remarking that the rays of the Logos vibrate in every atom, for the matter of that.
In The Secret Doctrine it is almost revealed that the âSons of Fohatâ are the personified forces known, in a general way as Motion, Sound, Heat, Light, Cohesion, Electricity (or Electric) Fluid, and Nerve Force (or Magnetism). This truth, however, cannot teach the student to attune and moderate the Kundalini of the Cosmic plane with the vital Kundalini, the Electric Fluid with the Nerve Forces, and unless he does so, he is sure to kill himself; for the one travels at the rate of about 90 feet, and the other at the rate of 115,000 leagues a second. The seven Åaktis respectively called Para Åakti, JnÃna-Åakti, etc., etc., are synonymous with the âSons of Fohat,â for they are their female aspects. At the present stage, however, as their names would only be confusing to the Western student, it is better to remember the English equivalents as translated above. As each force is septenary, their sum is, of course, forty-nine."

"And now that I have shown that the TÃntric works as explained by RÃma Prasad, and other Yoga treatises of the same character which have appeared from time to time in Theosophical journalsââfor note well that those of true RÃja-Yoga are never publishedââtend to Black Magic and are most dangerous to take for guides in self-training, I hope that the American Esotericists will be on their guard.
For, considering that no two authorities up to the present day agree as to the real location in the body of the Chakras and Padmas, and,"
(the text continues with important info...)
http://www.katinkah esselink. net/blavatsky/ articles/ v12/y1890_ 055.htm (BCW, vol. 12, p. 603-625)

- - - - - - -

Now all this have led some theosophists into the thougt that Prem Rawat and similar Raj Yoga teachings are higher theosophical teachings. But, let the Seekers be warned: The difference between god and bad magic are very thin.

"The bitter truth is that before man can know his own inadequacy, or the competence of another man or institution, he must first learn something which will enable him to perceive both. Note well that his perception itself is a product of right study; not of instinct or emotional attraction to the individual, nor yet of desiring to 'go it alone'. This is 'Learning How To Learn.' " 
- - - - - -

These are only my views, and aught of course not to be followed blindly just like that.
I hope this helped.

A proverb says: It is the Master who finds the pupil. And the pupil most often do not find the Master.

M. Sufilight

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I read this on Dane Rudyard's site - any truth to it?
The highest system is that constituted by certain cranial centers to which H. P. Blavatsky refers enigmatically as the "master chakras." (cf. the co-called "Third Volume" of The Secret Doctrine [now published in the Tenth Volume of the Collected Work of H. P. Blavatsky].

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