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Re: Tie Votes in last GC Meeting - Members who caused the tie

Apr 06, 2009 07:26 AM

There was only one tied vote in the 2008 General Council meeting.
All voting was by the usual preferred method of a postal ballot.

In the election of the Vice President the result of the voting was 
16 for Linda Olivera, and 15 against, there was 1 abstention and 
3 members neglected to vote.

There was also one other vote in favour of Linda Oliveira which was
received on the date the result was declared, this vote was not counted.

In the election of the four Additional Members only one of them was tied.

Nominated Member HJ (NZ/India)...19 for....14 against
Nominated Member RL (Brazil).......16 for....16 against
Nominated Member HKS (India)......17 for....14 against
Nominated Member SP (India)..........20 for....12 against

The Chairman used a casting vote in the case of the tied vote.

I have deliberately avoided using any names up to this point, I feel
a little uncomfortable pointing the finger. The lists at present are
in Excel format, I will reformat them as soon as possible, and post
them if I feel that it would serve some useful purpose.

Best wishes

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Another question for Keith:
> It is reported that in the last GC meeting, there were two tie votes and the
> president had to vote to break the tie. Tie situation is rather unusual and
> is an indication of  deep divisions in the GC.
> Can you list, in each tie situation, the names of GC members (individuals
> who were present and votes exercised by proxy) who opposed the motion that
> resulted in the tie? No one has openly talked about this detail so far.
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