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Re: Adyar Buildings - Need for Maintenance

Apr 06, 2009 07:17 AM

Although the buildings on the estate are a century old, the main structures
are very solid as the walls are thick and very few cracks appear.  It is usually
on the outer verandas where concrete structures are subject to the expansion 
and contraction of metal reinforcement that cracking occurs.

High humidity in summer has a detrimental effect on paintwork and as the
walls of buildings are cement rendered, painting can start to look shabby
after two years, the action of mould in shady places may look like decay.
However, the statements made by the GS of NZ are never specific, so it 
is unclear what he saw as decay.

The GS of Belgium suggested that a five year building maintenance program
should be introduced at Adyar, and the difficulty of finding good contractors
was discussed. The decay of buildings was never mentioned in the General
Council meeting.  

An intensive ongoing maintenance program is already in operation at Adyar,
most of the major buildings have been completely renovated in the last two
years, including Blavatsky bungalow where the School of the Wisdom is held
and the Administration Building which has had a complete new roof, modern
toilet facilities installed, and completely painted inside and out.  How strange
that the GS of NZ didn't notice this building when he walked past it four times
a day, maybe he was too busy searching for decay!

Work on Leadbeater Chambers has already started, which is also a major
work, although it was completely repainted five years ago it is now looking
rather shabby.  The leaking roof had been repaired and all the top floor rooms
were painted before Convention, masonry work and painting will be continued
throughout the year when there are fewer guests around.

The grounds of the estate are being subjected to an intensive grooming and 
clearing process, even the long grass in the coconut groves has been cut, and
mulching and reticulation has been provided for the palm trees.  Although the
campus is closed to day visitors during Convention, the native bird life, flora
and fauna, attract a constant stream of visitors throughout the rest of the year.
There is a long waiting list for permits to walk in the grounds out of normal
opening hours, and organised groups and photographers visit daily.  

I never realised that decay was so popular!  

My last Executive Committee agenda for February follows, the activity is self

Best wishes


To all members of the Executive Committee:
A Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Theosophical Society
will be held on Friday 6 February 2009 at 8.30 am in the 
Board Room at the Headquarters of the Theosophical Society.


1	To read and confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2008.

2	Matters arising from the minutes.

3	Sanctions required: 
	3.1	Administration Building Annexe up and down - civil repair work Rs.15,000/-

3.2	Adyar Library - civil repair and painting work Rs.92,200/-

3.3	Mosque - Painting Rs.48,650/-

	3.4	Headquarters President's room, main hall and room and annexe Rs.89,000/-

	3.5	Triplicane Building portion of Masonic Temple wood work and
		erection of brick pillar etc. (subject to reinspection) Rs.48,700/-

	3.6	Erecting compound wall from entrance of Animal Welfare Dispensary to the
		southern and eastern portion of the slab wall which has completely given
            way (to prevent frequent intrusions) 770 ft at Rs.940/- per running foot. Rs.7,23,800/-

	3.7 White washing and painting and minor repairs on `Rose', Besant Gardens
		(home of Dr Kannan) ? Provisional Rs.20,000/-

4	Sanctions required: Garden Department	Total: Rs. 3,81,000/-
	4.1	Drip Irrigation in Salt Meadow Rs.1,20,000/-

	4.2	Partial Pest Control in Coconuts Rs.20,000/-

	4.3	Repairs to 11 Pumps Rs.11,000/-

	4.4	Coconut leaf and wood shredder Rs.1,20,000/-

	4.5	Coconut Husk Removal Machine Rs.80,000/-

	4.6	Two Handcarts Rs.25,000/-

	4.7	Electric Chain Saw repair or replacement Rs.5,000/-

5	Authorisation of a TPH contract with E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd and account signatories.

6	Any Other Business

	6.1	Consideration of letter dated 2 February 2009 from Besant Scout Centre.

	6.2	Security Matters.

	6.3	Removal of Polystyrene flotsam etc. on the river bank from LBC to river mouth.

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> A Question for Keith:
> Everyone who visits Adyar knows that most of the buildings are century plus
> old and hence need maintenance. If funds are available, the problem can be
> easily fixed.
> When the General Council Members visited Adyar for the convention and the GC
> meeting, I am sure they saw the physical condition of the buildings with
> their own eyes. In a statement posted by Warwick Keys, he confirms that he
> saw decay of buildings.
> The simple question is - when the GC members saw the decay of the buildings,
> did they discuss it in the meeting formally or informally to address how to
> address the issue.
> Can you tell us anything happened on this issue at the meeting?
> There is No Religion Higher than Truth
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