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Re: Theos-World Does Anand, Govert and Daniel believe in Koot Hoomi?

Mar 01, 2009 10:10 AM
by Govert Schuller

Daniel: "Does Anand, Govert and Daniel believe in Koot Hoomi?"

Govert: No, I don't, but his existence is to be treated as a very probable hypothesis as many people have witnessed to having met him in the flesh and/or meta-empirically and my theosophical world view has ample space for Mahatmas and the like for they are integral parts of that philosophy. Definitive proof has eluded me so far as I have not had any such experiences, though it is possible I saw him speak in Montana through Elizabeth Clare Prophet and feel his presence if I'm in a more Bhakti mode, though it is possible, as I might soon hear from my fellows here, that I'm deluded. 8^)

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  Subject: Theos-World Does Anand, Govert and Daniel believe in Koot Hoomi?

  Does Anand, Govert and Daniel believe in Koot Hoomi?

  In September of last year, I wrote to Anand on
  Theos-Talk starting my posting with the following:


  I am going to try to see where the two of us agree and disagree.

  I assume that both of us believe in the existence of the Master Koot
  Hoomi. Am I right?

  But it would appear that our beliefs differ significantly in many
  other aspects concerning Theosophy.

  Therefore this posting is Part 1 of a series of postings in which I
  am going to try to ascertain where the two of us agree and disagree
  and more importantly I will try to determine what our thinking
  and reasoning on these issues are.

  The rest of that posting to Anand can be found at:

  As far as I know, Anand never responded to that posting
  at least not in any detail. Therefore I did not
  pursue this line of thinking any further as I had originally hoped
  to do.

  So now that Govert has entered the "arena" so to speak,
  I ask Anand once more and Govert the following:

  Do the two of you believe in the existence of the Master Koot Hoomi?

  Do the three of us believe in Koot Hoomi?

  Richard Hodgson (basing his "findings" on Emma Coulomb's testimony 
  and his own "research") stated his conclusions as follows:

  "....Koot Hoomi is a FICTITIOUS personage....[and the] 
  supposed "astral forms" of the Mahatmas were confederates of Madame 
  Blavatsky in disguise --- generally the Coulombs....[The] alleged 
  [occult] phenomena --- some of them in connection with the so-called 
  Shrine at Adyar --- were ingenious trickeries, carried out by Madame 
  Blavatsky, with the assistance chiefly of the Coulombs....I must 
  express my unqualified opinion that NO GENUINE psychical phenomena 
  WHATEVER will be found among the pseudo-mysteries of the Russian lady 
  alias Koot Hoomi Lal Sing alias Mahatma Morya alias Madame Blavatsky."
  caps added.

  Do the two of you agree with Hodgson that Koot Hoomi is a fictitious, 
  imaginary, non-existent person simply made up by H.P. Blavatsky as 
  the "evidence" presented by both Emma Coulomb and Richard Hodgson 
  would lead one to conclude???

  And if you do not agree with Hodgson's conclusion and believe that 
  Koot Hoomi is a real person, then what SPECIFIC evidence and 
  reasoning convinces you of Koot Hoomi's existence?

  I am trying to see if at least on this one point, the three of us can 
  agree on something and I would like to sincerely know your views and 
  as I said what convinces you that you conclusion is correct.

  Later I will try to further the discussion by following up on some of 
  the material about Mr. Sinnett's belief in Master KH as given in the 
  above posting that I wrote to Anand back in September.



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